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Are Mini-sites Really Dead? 1

Are you looking for a practical way to monetize your domain name, so as to generate more online income? If the answer to this question is, “yes”, then you may be interested in learning more about mini-sites and how to create them without violating Google’s notoriously strict and stringent rules […]

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How to Buy a URL

Whether you’re starting a new business, opening up a non-profit, or getting more exposure for your school or town, you’ll quickly realize how cost-effective it is to have a presence on the internet. Your first step to having an effective online profile is to choose a URL (Universal Resource Locator) […]

What you have to know before you purchase a domain name 1

While most people who are finally getting ready to invest in the purchase of a domain name have probably already done a bit of planning and research before they got started, the truth of the matter is that an overwhelming majority of folks are approaching the domain name registration process […]