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Why Exact Match Domains Are a Thing of the Past

Saying that the face of the SEO industry is changing (and quickly) is the understatement of the century. Google – the number one authority to impress when it comes to web searches – is constantly making adjustments to its already sophisticated algorithms. Plus, brand new technologies and SEO strategies surface […]

Exact Match Domains

Domain Picks Dropping on December the 20th 2013

HomeLight.org “Home” is very common word (and perhaps too common) in domain name business but with the right keyword like “light” it does makes a nice combination. An excellent opportunity for Real estate agents or electricity based company. BNYS.net Bachelor of Naturopathy and Yogic Science is a Medical degree in […]

Domain Picks Dropping on December 19th 2013

FMU.us Great three letters domain name, an acronym which can be used for  Florida Memorial University or Francis Marion University VNE.us One more ccTLD, Virtual Network Environment probably a great value for an entity like VNE Corporation ELSA.com One of my favorites, acronym for the  European Law Students´Association. This is […]

Tools and tips to find available domains 1

While most smart and savvy online entrepreneurs have mastered much of the marketing, sales, and traffic generating techniques necessary for success in our growing digital world, the truth of the matter is that people still struggle with trying to find available domains that they can start their new digital empire […]