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The U.S.’s Recent Surrender of Internet Control

If you’ve ever wondered who exactly controls the internet, then the chances are excellent that this past March found you wondering what the United States’ surrender of said control was really all about. The United States National Telecommunications and Information Administration made an official announcement in regards to its intentions […]

Internet Control

Discover the Benefits of New gTLD Extensions

gTLDs are generic, top-level domains and it’s possible to purchase new gTLD extensions these days. An example of an “old school” domain extension is “.com”. With the advent of new gTLD extensions, it’s possible for entrepreneurs to move beyond “dot coms” by customizing domain extensions according to their specific needs. […]

New gTLDs


Reaching the User of a Particular Domain Name

It goes without saying that the Internet represents a nearly limitless wealth of options when it comes to building a business or potentially making money. Domain name flipping is without a doubt one of the ones we’re hearing the most about. However, getting your hands on really good domains can […]