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Why Exact Match Domains Are a Thing of the Past

Saying that the face of the SEO industry is changing (and quickly) is the understatement of the century. Google – the number one authority to impress when it comes to web searches – is constantly making adjustments to its already sophisticated algorithms. Plus, brand new technologies and SEO strategies surface […]

Exact Match Domains

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How to Buy a URL

Whether you’re starting a new business, opening up a non-profit, or getting more exposure for your school or town, you’ll quickly realize how cost-effective it is to have a presence on the internet. Your first step to having an effective online profile is to choose a URL (Universal Resource Locator) […]

Why you need to be investing in premium domain names

When it comes to purchasing domain names – registering them for yourself, your friends, family, clients, or just as a future investment – you always need to be considering whether or not you are purchasing premium domain names or just your average run-of-the-mill solution. And while it might seem more […]