Domain Picks Dropping on December the 20th 2013 “Home” is very common word (and perhaps too common) in domain name business but with the right keyword like “light” it does makes a nice combination. An excellent opportunity for Real estate agents or electricity based company. Bachelor of Naturopathy and Yogic Science is a Medical degree in […]

Domain Picks Dropping on December 19th 2013 Great three letters domain name, an acronym which can be used for  Florida Memorial University or Francis Marion University One more ccTLD, Virtual Network Environment probably a great value for an entity like VNE Corporation One of my favorites, acronym for the  European Law Students´Association. This is […]

The absolute best URLs to purchase

When looking to make a URL purchase, there are a number of specifics that should instantly leap to the front of your mind. We’re talking about things like deciding on exactly what kind of web property you’d like to create at that given domain, exactly how in demand and relevant […]

How to find out if a domain name is for sale – and what to do if it is

If you’ve been dreaming of starting your own online business (and in our modern economy, who isn’t), then the odds are fantastic that you’ve searched for a bunch of different domain names for sale in the recent past. However, it’s just as likely that you found many of your top […]