GoDaddy to End Its Sedo Domain Sales Partnership

It is bad news for Sedo these days, as this company is poised to be dropped by its primary domain distribution partner in 2014. Sedo is currently affiliated with GoDaddy, one of the world’s premier domain name registration services. This affiliation allows Sedo to list domain names via GoDaddy Auctions […]

Sedo Afternic GoDaddy

Exact Match Domains

Why Exact Match Domains Are a Thing of the Past

Saying that the face of the SEO industry is changing (and quickly) is the understatement of the century. Google – the number one authority to impress when it comes to web searches – is constantly making adjustments to its already sophisticated algorithms. Plus, brand new technologies and SEO strategies surface […]

What’s Really Involved in Flipping Domains?

These days, everyone seems to be looking for a reliable way to supplement their income and the internet offers quite a few promising options for those with an entrepreneurial spirit. Flipping domains is definitely one of these and it’s not hard to see why. Domain flipping allows a skilled web […]

Flipping Domains

Property Theft

Can someone buy my domain name under me?

By now, just about every web owner out there is aware of the fact that domain name sales can mean huge business. However, since by now all of the really valuable domains are already owned and accounted for, domain flippers also need to learn to be opportunists. Not everyone with […]

Reaching the User of a Particular Domain Name

It goes without saying that the Internet represents a nearly limitless wealth of options when it comes to building a business or potentially making money. Domain name flipping is without a doubt one of the ones we’re hearing the most about. However, getting your hands on really good domains can […]


How to start a website

How to Start Your First Website

These days, a business or professional of any kind that doesn’t have a website stands an excellent chance of losing out to competitors. People no longer look to traditional advertising for information on what to read, where to shop, or which products to buy. They look to their social networks […]

How to Identify a Good Domain Name

The importance of a really great business or product name has been a concern for serious business people for centuries and with good reason. However, when you do business on the internet, your website’s name can literally make or break how well you do. In fact, your domain name is […]



Creating a Mobile App for Your Site

The days when everyone accessed the internet via a standard desktop system or even a laptop are long over with. Now people do most of their browsing and web surfing on the go via a tablet or a SmartPhone instead. That said, people’s standards are changing as far as what […]