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One day, the idea hits you. You’ve got a great plan for a new website. It seems perfectly unique yet memorable. It’s something you’ve never seen on the ever-growing Internet. So what do you do first? Build your site? Gather artwork? Not yet. Your first move should be to register your website, or domain name.  Despite how clever or unique you think your website name is, there are thousands of others also busy locking in names through domain name registration. Through this process, you can secure a website name from a year up to five years.

Where to Register Your Site

register domain nameThere are hundreds of sites advertising domain name registration with all of them giving you the option to register your name for a variety of terms: one, two, three or five years. Some of the more popular domain registration sites are GoDaddy, Network Solutions and Many of these sites also give you the option of automatically renewing your domain name so you’ll never have to worry about mistakenly losing the website of your dreams. Other tools these sites offer include email, website builders and server storage.

Cost to Register Your Name

The price you’ll pay for your domain name depends on the name itself and if someone already owns the rights to it. Generic site names that are available can be bought for as low as 50 cents a year on the Network Solutions site while GoDaddy offers certain unused names for 99 cents a year. But do a search for something like, and you’ll see a price of $12.99 a year. Site names with popular keywords will typically cost you more, that is if they are available. Domain name websites will give you choices if the soecific name you want is already taken, usually by changing the extension from .com to .co, .org or .biz.

If your site is taken, don’t fret. There are still options. Sites like GoDaddy offer domain buy services where the company contacts the current owner of the site to see if they would be willing to sell it and for what price. GoDaddy then reports back to you on whether the owner is interested in selling the name. There is also the chance to reserve a backordered domain name by winning an auction for it. Backordered domains automatically go to auction. By securing your place in the auction, you will have a shot at bidding for it.

Lock Up Your Website Name

No matter how you get your domain name, the point is that you get it and register it. Only by doing this can you ensure it is yours and can’t be snatched up by another company or, even more painful, by someone buying up domain names so they can charge more for it later. Registering your domain name is easy and takes only a few minutes so there’s no excuse for you not to lock up your website name for as long as possible. You and your online customers  will be happy you did.

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