How to Market your Domain Name via Email Marketing

Are you interested in selling your domain name and pocketing a tidy profit for your efforts? If so, you are definitely not alone. However, some means of online marketing tend to bring risks. For example, email marketing which is utilized for this purpose is often fraught with peril. After all, it’s quite simple to be characterized as a spammer when you do choose this particular marketing method, no matter how hard you try to avoid emails with a “spam” vibe!

In order to avoid a “spammer” label which will inevitably tarnish your business reputation, while also making it much harder to get the domain name sales that you will need in order to survive and thrive in this competitive niche of online business, you will need to create email marketing campaigns that have tons of finesse. In other words, you will need to find the perfect balance between self-promotion, style and politeness…

In addition, you’ll need to learn a few tricks which will help to you avoid increasingly-sophisticated (and annoying!) spam filters. After all, when your messages land in these ubiquitous filters, you might as well send no messages at all, because no one’s going to see them.

To assist you in learning what you need to know, we’ve created a practical quick guide…

Hot Tips to Consider

Email MarketingThese days, it’s possible to check your prospective emails before you send them out. By testing your digital missives via software applications which will determine whether or not your messages will pass muster with spam filters, you’ll save yourself tons of time and effort. Popular software apps of this type include Contactology and Mailing Check.

Certain forms of software which are designed to assist entrepreneurs with creating batched emails and/or more polished and professional email transmissions (Constant Contact is the most famous example) also feature built-in, spam-check tools. If you’ve never utilized these programs and tools, you’ll find that they offer invaluable assistance.

So, why not cut to the chase by selecting one of these programs today?

Free apps should be out there. In addition, free demos (or trial periods) of software apps which do cost money to download should be available.

Craft Your Emails with Care

Another strategy is to learn how the most tech-savvy domain name marketers craft emails. These email marketing wizards utilize a host of strategies which are designed to make their email transmissions more appealing and less likely to find a home in the dreaded “spam” folder. For example, utilize typical font sizes, rather than changing fonts so that they are larger or smaller. Spam filters note the size of fonts when they are classifying new messages. So, keep fonts standard in order to enhance your chances of getting your messages where they need to be.

Also, avoid sending out a batch of emails that is really big. In other words, don’t send out one thousand messages at one time! If you send out a mammoth batch of emails which tout the value of your for-sale domain name, you may end up behind the eight ball.  It’s better to send small batches, as spam filters are less likely to detect these sorts of batches.

As well, try to stay away from adding photographs to your emails. Spammers often include pictures, so spam filters watch for images. If you must include pictures, make sure that you utilize them sparingly.

Lastly, be careful whom you affiliate yourself with in your emails. In other words, if you include links to web pages which are known for their “spam” or “black hat” content, you may be shooting yourself in the foot.

Now that you know some of the most sure-fire techniques for marketing your domain names via email, without being slammed as a spammer, you’ll be ready to take advantage of all that email marketing has to offer.

Because the most impressive examples of domain name marketing of this type are carefully designed in order to make it through spam filter applications, taking the time to write ideal emails which feature perfect style, font and links will be well worth the investment of energy that it takes. Once you’ve crafted superlative emails, you’ll be ready to send out small batches that pique the interest of prospective buyers.