LinkedIn – Is it worth it?

LinkedIn has been long recognized as a valuable tool for professionals in every industry for years now and with good reason. Not only can maintaining a profile there put you in touch with priceless opportunities to network with other people in your field, but millions of eager professionals have met future employers or employees there.

However, did you know that LinkedIn is more than just a terrific platform for making valuable professional contacts? It can also help you boost the success of your company’s SEO campaign. Let’s take a closer look at how using LinkedIn wisely can help you build your authority with today’s top search engines.

Build Backlinks and Generate Interest

These days, it can definitely be said that social media and backlink building go hand in hand and this is only expected to become increasingly true in the years to come. Proof of social interest (including backlinks) in regards to your site’s content is a potent quality indicator in the eyes of the search engines. It proves that you’ve got your finger on the pulse of what people are interested in and that you’re good at presenting it in the right ways.

LinkedInThat said, if your company’s website is packed with content that would be of interest to people in your industry, then you should be leveraging your presence there to your advantage. Share blog articles and links to relevant information from your site and encourage interaction. Networking is also a great way to build backlinks. As people’s respect for and interest in your company grows, so will the number of times your content is shared and linked back to by others.

Also, the more interest you’re able to generate in what your company has to offer on social networking sites like LinkedIn, the more web traffic you’ll ultimately get. The more traffic you get, the more your content will continue to be discovered, linked to, and shared. Your search engine rankings will continue to improve as a result.

Build Credibility

These days, there are certain sites where a given company really needs to maintain a solid web presence in order to be viewed as an authority in general. Every business or website should have, at the bare minimum, a Facebook page and a Twitter account. Additional accounts on Tumblr, Pinterest, and Google+ don’t hurt either, as each has its own demographic to forge bonds with.

LinkedIn is where you go to build your credibility as a professional entity, as those interested in your services or products are likely to search for your company there, so it’s well worth creating an account there and using it to your advantage. Where there’s credibility with social networking users, credibility with search engines follows.

Where and How to Post

Using LinkedIn to help your SEO means being able to spot the right places to post your content. Before you decide to join a group and start posting away, check to make sure the group is active first. Avoid groups that are full of spam posts or where posts don’t seem to be on topic. You want well curated, popular groups that attract individuals interested in what you’ll be sharing. Posts should be relevant to the theme of the group and have lots of comments and interaction as a rule.

Avoid only posting when you have something from your own site to share. It’s worthwhile to post on a variety of topics, share additional content you find interesting, and join in the discussions on other people’s threads as well. Establish yourself as a valuable member of the community with something of substance to offer. People will become genuinely interested in your links and your content. It should go without saying that you need to make sure your content is worth sharing in the first place.

If you’re not sure you’re capable of producing discussion-worthy written content on your own or you need help establishing a solid social networking presence on sites like LinkedIn, you can always consider hiring a professional to help out. They’ll know what the going formula for success is and can take not only the labor, but the guesswork out of the process for you.