How to Expose your Domain Name

Those who invest in domain names need to know how to market said domain names in order to flip them for a profit. If you’re interested in giving your domain name the exposure that it needs in order to attract prospective buyers, you’ll really enjoy our practical quick guide. When you follow our expert tips and tricks, you’ll be one step closer to accessing a premium return on your domain name investment.

To help you master the fundamentals, we will discuss some general facts about marketing and selling domain names online. Then, we’ll review the pros and cons of the most popular and trusted domain name marketplaces – these are Sedo, Afternic, GoDaddy and NameDrive…

Selling Domain Names May Be Lucrative

Exposing Domain NamesOnce you’ve chosen your preferred domain name marketplace, you’ll be ready to put your domain name out there for everyone to see. If you’re lucky, someone will want what you’re selling. Since certain “blue-chip” domain names often fetch very high prices, re-selling may be a perfect way to open up impressive new streams of income.

In fact, some people are able to enjoy independent lifestyles by buying and selling domain names on a part-time or full-time basis. While every domain name isn’t going to be a veritable gold mine, many do allow sellers to make some money. In other words, they are sold for more than they were bought for initially.

To gain a deeper understanding of the process, think of selling domain names in the same way that you think of selling stocks online. It’s the same general idea – buy low and sell high…

Now, let’s talk about the art and science of selling domain names, and why proper marketing will be essential to accessing good prices from trustworthy and reputable sellers.

Proper Domain Name Marketing is Key

Flipping domain names for profit is a speculative enterprise and its success will depend on locating sellers. Without proper marketing, this may be an uphill climb. After all, the vast majority of sellers aren’t going to search high and low for the domain names that they want. Instead, they’re going to congregate at online marketplaces which offer a dizzying array of choices. These marketplaces provide one-stop shopping, so they are hubs for those who want to find ideal domain names for their businesses.

Therefore, it’s always smart to market your domain names at one, a few or all of these online marketplaces. In fact, without relying on the most popular marketing/selling channels, it may be quite challenging to gain traction in this particular niche of online money-making.

Best Places to Market and Sell

Sedo – This online marketplace gets tons of traffic daily, so it’s a great way to access maximum exposure quickly and dependably. Another key bonus of choosing this online interface is that you’ll be able to park your domain names without paying for the privilege.

In addition, this website provides other important features – one example is the premium auction option, which is also free to use, pending approval from Sedo’s team. However, you’ll need to pay Sedo fees when you complete a transaction, and these fees are fairly high, according to industry averages. In addition, some people don’t appreciate the somewhat-haphazard design of this website. Check it out today in order to see if it’s right for you.

Afternic – This online auction house is designed to support auctions of domain names (and online listings of the same), along with domain name parking services. If you wish, you may access more services than basic membership provides, by opting for the website’s extended selling service.

Since the price of this service is a mere twenty dollars per year, choosing it may make good financial sense for you. However, one possible drawback of using Afternic is that you will have to fork over twenty percent of each sale to the company. In addition, some users do complain that the service is a little convoluted to use – in other words, a lot of steps are needed in order to list and sell domain names.

Afternic, like Sedo, gets plenty of traffic. Three million high-end domain names are currently up for auction, and the company has facilitated the sale of nine million domain names since its inception.

GoDaddy – If you’re interested in marketing and selling domain names which were purchased via GoDaddy, you’ll find that the company currently provides all of the right services for your needs. GoDaddy is one of the world’s premier domain name and domain hosting firms, so choosing to market and sell through the company will grant you access to a worldwide audience of prospective domain name buyers.

This service is known as GoDaddy Auctions, and it allows users to browse domain names and list domain names, via a convenient, message-board style interface. However, GoDaddy is phasing out this service. The company now advises those who wish to sell and market domain names to utilize Sedo instead.

NameDrive – The last well-known and commonly-used domain name marketing/selling platform is known as NameDrive, and it is designed to offer quite a few advantages to users. For example, this interface makes the process of importing domains very simple. In addition, it allows users to add relevant keyword data in order to garner more visibility for listed domain names. Easy to use and quite dependable, this system offer rapid payment, in cheque format.

Downsides of the service include a lack of personalization features (such as the ability to resize pages during single sessions of usage) and limited category and template features.