Domain Name Search

In today’s complex digital world, there’s one item that needs to be simple: your domain name. It should be short and easy to remember. If users are forced to search for a detailed website name, chances are they will  get search results for your competitors. Why send them somewhere else when you can create a unique digital home for your information and products with a perfect domain name? Even while you’re brainstorming ideas for your website name,  a domain name search is critical. Not only do you need to know what names are available and which ones aren’t, but a search is also a good way to gain some intelligence on the types of similar names out there.

Where to Start Searching for a Domain Name

domain name searchOnce you have a website name in mind or even just an idea for a domain name, you need to see if it’s available. There are numerous options for searching existing domain names from well-known sites like Network Solutions, GoDaddy and WhoIs as well as a plethora of other sites. All of these sites are free to search and many will not only let you know if your particular name is open but also give you options of similar names if your option is taken.  A number of the sites also offer tools to help you build your site or, if you already have it built, simply upload it their host server and make it available right away.

Perfecting Your Domain Name Search

To make your domain name search most effective, try using the shortest yet most memorable keywords that represent your website. For example, if you’re selling dog fod, try potential names like or Because of the popularity of internet commerce, domain name selection and marketing has become paramount. This year, sales of goods on the Internet on Cyber Monday outpaced physical sales on Black Friday for the first time. For many, this means a domain name can often dictate the name of a new business.

What if Your Domain Name is Taken

If a domain name search says your suggested name is not available, there are still plenty of options. Most of the search sites will suggested minor tweaks to your site name such as adding numbers to your site name or using a different extension such as .org or .biz. If you’re dead set on your name, search sites can also show you when the name expires for the site that currently has your name. GoDaddy and Network Solutions can also give you the option to purchase the name in advance if it is not renewed by the owner. This is an excellent option if you are still building your site and don’t need the domain name right away. But be prepared, if you deal with popular subject matter, site names are being registered each and every day. It’s often better to register a few domain names in advance to make sure they are yours.

Make Your Domain Name Search Count

Millions of people are tapping into the power of the Internet each and every day. With a dedicated, informed domain name search, you can help them find you and keep coming back for more.