Domain Name Marketing

If you’re interested in drumming up some cash via online activities, you’ll find that domain name marketing may offer the income-generating power that you are looking for. Because it’s possible to monetize domain names via domain parking, redirection, mini-sites and full-blown websites, you’ll have a plethora of different gambits to consider. In order to make it easier for you to understand the process, we’ve created a practical quick guide.

Now, let’s look at some of the cleverest (and most dependable) ways to make money from domain names…

Is Domain Parking Right for You?

Marketing StrategyGetting started with investing in domain names (in order to sell them later on) is really very easy. It’s all about learning the art and science of domain parking. Basically, with domain parking, you buy the domain name of your choice, without utilizing it for email or for a website. The domain name is then located at a “placeholder” website – this will be its virtual “parking spot”.

These placeholder websites don’t feature any real content. While some domain names are “parked” until new websites are completed (these are non-monetized domain names), most are investment opportunities. In other words, those who park them are trying to monetize these domain names. They are waiting for interested parties to show up and make offers on the domain names in question.

Once you’ve purchased your preferred domain name, it may be time to consider marketing it via the Web’s most popular domain name marketplaces – Sedo and NameDrive are just two examples.

By attracting buyers to your domain name via these online marketing channels, you’ll boost the chances of accessing a premium return on your investment.

Domain name redirection will also be a possibility here. You may pay to have your domain name redirected (rather than “parked”) at GoDaddy or at a similar online interface.

So, definitely explore this option if it is appealing to you…

Build Extra Income with Mini-sites

Creating a mini-site will be another superlative way to eke out income from domain names. If you’d like to get more from your domain names, you’ll find that creating mini-sites, which typically feature five web pages or less, will be a smart method of generating income online.

By building a mini-site (or outsourcing the task to a company which specializes in making these sorts of websites), you’ll be able to monetize your mini-site via affiliate marketing, pay-per-click advertising and direct banner sales (to name just three of many options).

Since a mini-site will require less start-up capital than a full-fledged website, it will be ideal for those who wish to strengthen their domain name portfolios, quickly and reliably.

Generate Cash with Full-blown Websites

Full-sized websites are classic methods of turning domain names into impressive money-making opportunities. These sorts of websites may feature a range of monetization techniques, from PPC ads to banner sales to membership subscriptions and beyond. In fact, the only limitation will be your own imagination.

Whether you wish to make your website an exciting hub for e-commerce (i.e. a virtual storefront) or wish to generate advertising revenue by providing the ultimate in “infotainment”, you’ll find that the possibilities are truly endless. In order to make your full-blown website wonderful, consider shelling out for the very latest in web design.

For example, have social media sharing buttons added and also optimize the website for a range of mobile devices, from iPads to Android smart phones to iPhones. In addition, utilizing search engine optimization will be an excellent way to boost traffic to your new website.

Now that you know the secrets of domain name marketing, you’ll be ready to decide which money-making methods are right for your needs. The first step is selecting the perfect domain name(s) for online success. Whether you want to flip a domain name or use it for a mini-site or full-blown website, you’ll find that choosing your domain name carefully is the key to accessing the sort of compelling domain name that is truly memorable (and likely to increase in monetary value over time).

When preparing to buy domain names online, research sellers intensively in order to avoid shady deals. By doing so, you’ll sidestep typical problems, such as being overcharged or scammed. By taking your time and doing a little homework, you’ll improve your chances of enjoying a smooth transaction that leads to a tidy profit down the line.