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Perhaps the only thing that is nearly as important as designing a great website is branding your business and doing so by first selecting a great domain name that will have an impact, be memorable and will ultimately generate lots of traffic to your site.

great domain nameChoosing a domain name might be the hardest step in this entire process. First of all, you want to make sure you get it right the first time so that you don’t lose followers or traffic to your site in case you ever have to change your domain in the future. But with so many startups and entrepreneurship’s out there it’s becoming harder and harder to find a great domain name that isn’t already owned by somebody. The trouble is that you could try purchasing the domain them from them but can be overcharged.


Here are some tips for choosing a great domain name the first time around:

1)    Do your research and find what URL are available, then name your brand according to the best one. Don’t be afraid to be as creative and original as possible. Think of alternate spellings or even words that could include a logo in your design. It can really open up your options by making more domain names available to you. And remember to choose something that makes sense with your product or proposed brand. There should be no disconnect with the URL or brand.

2)    Don’t rely on keywords to choose your URL. Using high ranking keywords in your domain name do not translate to high search engine rankings. You might want to avoid limiting your choices to high ranking keywords and just stick to what works for your business. With Google’s ever-changing algorithms you’ll be penalized for trying to cheat your way into high rankings.

3)    Don’t go with long or hard to spell words. Don’t think of anything longer than a catch phrase. You want something catchy that people can remember. Dump the clever names and never use numbers because they will confuse your visitors.

4)    Do pay attention to what extension you choose. There are now over 110 million .coms, but also 15 million .nets and 10 million ORG domains. You should be aware that most people always assume that domain names probably end in .com. This isn’t always the case and might limit your choices, but will certainly drive more traffic from someone taking a guess.

5)    Don’t forget to register your domain name for the maximum period. You don’t want to infringe on anyone else’s copyrights. All of your work could go to waste if you’re not quick enough to register and then take care of your domain right with the kind of diligence that all of the most successful websites have.

Don’t overlook all of the resources that go into choosing a great domain name. It could be all the difference in making your website a successful one. Take plenty of time and certainly do all of your homework.

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  • Joe Syrowik

    Thanks for the great tips on what goes into creating a good domain name. They all have value. At the same time, I believe one needs to be strategic when initially coming up with potential names. This means considering things like your mission statement, target audience, competition and reputation you’re trying to establish. It is then, at that point, where your tips can be applied to make sure you don’t do something foolish. Hope this makes sense and thanks again for the post.


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