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If you’re in the market for the type of “blue-chip” domain name that will send a distinct message of success to customers, prospective clients and other interested parties, you may want to learn how to purchase it without getting overcharged (or otherwise ripped off).

In order to help you discover the right way to get what you really want, we’ve created a practical quick guide. When you follow our expert tips and suggestions, you’ll be one step closer to accessing a high-end domain name which will assist you in building your brand…and in getting the website traffic and conversions that you will need in order to survive and thrive online.

By selecting this form of domain name, you’ll have an easier time carving out a niche in the competitive milieu of Web-based e-commerce and/or “infotainment”.

Why Drop 1k On a Domain Name?

Expensive Domain NameIndustry experts believe in the power of good domain names, and the best domain names usually cost more. While it’s possible to spend a fortune on a domain name, you should be aware that compelling, clear and easy-to-remember domain names are available in the 1k price range. If you’re on the fence about spending a grand on the domain name that you want most, you should consider the benefits of doing so…

One important advantage of getting the right domain name, whether you’re running a website or touting mobile apps, is that they strengthen branding initiatives instantly. To this day, remains the most coveted “suffix” for domain names (rather than .net or org, for example). Therefore, paying a little more in order to get a, versus another type of “suffix”, may be a very smart investment in your business’ potential.

In fact, Web-savvy entrepreneurs who are totally “in the know” advise those who are in the market for domain names to spend up to 50k in order to secure the perfect domain names for their needs!

The rationale behind paying a grand or more for a domain name is simple…in a nutshell, people still think in terms of “dot.coms”. In other words, when they consider websites, they search for (and want to visit) those that feature designations. is comfortable, tried-and-true and so very familiar. That’s why it’s number one, and that’s why it’s almost always worth paying for…

How to Comparison-shop Online

Plenty of companies sell domain names. In addition, private sellers also offer domain names to buyers. In order to avoid scams, you should first and foremost take your time, in order to establish the authenticity and reputability of a prospective seller. Of course, the biggest domain name sellers in the world, such as the GoDaddy Corporation, are quite trustworthy. However, few domain name sellers have the brand power and high visibility of GoDaddy! That’s why you will need to vet sellers carefully in order to avoid getting scammed (or to avoid paying more than you should). In addition, checking out companies which sell expensive domain names will help you to comparison-shop for the best prices, policies and customer service practices. So, the vetting process is really multi-purpose…

As you can see, when you do some homework and research before you purchase a 1k domain name, you’ll be one step closer to accessing quality services which are within your preferred price point.

So, how do you check out companies or persons that offer domain names for sale? Well, one option is to look up sellers at the official Better Business Bureau website. If sellers aren’t represented at this “consumer watchdog” website, look for online feedback from real-life customers.

In this day and age, if a company or individual is scamming others by overcharging for domain names (or by failing to deliver domain names in a legal and timely fashion, as promised), someone’s probably complained about it online. Therefore, gathering online feedback (bear in mind that every review that you find online may not be authentic) will be a great way to feel a bit more secure as you prepare to move forward with a deal.

So, always establish the reputation of sellers before handing over any money or personal information. While the temptation to surge forward and grab the perfect domain name, before someone else can snap it up, is often extremely strong, scammers know this very well, and they utilize it to their advantage.

By waiting and doing research, you’ll protect yourself…

Once you’ve found a trustworthy seller, the transaction itself should be a total breeze. Basically, you will pay and then you will receive the domain name that you want, to use as you see fit.

So, isn’t it time to get started with the process? Make the most of your online business by accessing a 1k domain name today! Just follow our tips as you proceed, in order to boost your chances of having a great experience as you prepare to purchase the perfect domain name for your business.

2 thoughts on “How to Buy an Expensive Domain Name

  • mike

    I buy and sell via Godaddy auction,Sedo and if private sale If you are dealing with a good to better than average domain name ,You can expect to pay more than a thousand . Always use a Reputable third party . Another option is International Wire derectly to your acct if you are the seller.

  • Konstantinos Zournas

    1k is not a lot for a domain name.
    People buy domains for more than $1,000 every day.
    Actually these are hundreds of domains sold for $1,000 or more sold every week.

    If you don’t want to be scammed you should use an escrow service when buying a domain name such as

    Finally, Go Daddy is just a reseller and changes fees. Sometimes to both the seller and buyer.

    Try contacting a domain name owner using the domain name whois.

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