Vastus Domains

Vastus Domains is a website that helps people to enjoy the rapidly surging market of domain salesmanship. In spite of the financial struggles that affect millions, the domain sales business has been seeing a consistently steady increase in profitability since its introduction. If one has the patience and persistence to work with a reputable registrar of domain names such as Vastus, then they are likely reap some highly considerable benefits and supplement their standard of living in a way that wasn’t possible in the past. Vastus has been providing its services since the year 2010, giving it almost four years of experience in the domain hosting industry.


In order to make most profit from domain name selling, one must be able to understand the different levels of marketability that are present in every different form of domain name suffix. Domains that have a .com suffix, or any other on an equivalently used basis are known as ‘premium’ domain names and tend to draw in the largest margins of profit of all. Vastus has hundreds of different domains sold on a monthly basis, meaning that no matter what sort of domain grade the buyer is seeking out, there is a considerable chance that there will be a chance for them to find a satisfying result in the Vastus registrar. There are over 1,400 different domains offered in the registrar, each able to be purchased at a competitive price in order to give a good chance of profit if they’re flipped in the future.

GoDaddy Partnership

Vastus also shares a partnership with, an equally broad registrar of domain names that has a significantly extensive reputation in the industry. is the largest domain registrar to be found on the Internet, making it the most powerful partner that any domain registrar like Vastus could hope to have. and, together, provide an unmatchable degree of variety in the different domain names that can be chosen and profited from if one has the time and persistence to do intelligent shopping. Whether shopping from a domain name from Vastus or GoDaddy, the process is relatively painless and reputable because of every chosen domain being hand-picked for their value.

Escrow Service

Partnering with GoDaddy also ensures that all of the buyer’s domain transactions will be protected by an escrow service in order to ensure that they aren’t the victim of a fraudulent sale. The escrow service is in place to safely hold the funds of the transaction until both the solicitor and buyer’s demands are completely satisfied. With an escrow service, one is assured that they will have the most hassle-free and secure domain buying/selling experience that they can hope for.


While the domain selling and buying industry may be very attractive, it is also easy to encounter a good degree of dissatisfaction and disappointment if one is unlucky enough to encounter complications. The chances of overpricing and underselling one’s domain names are high if they don’t take the time to research the smartest and competitive price, but with the guidance of a registrar such as Vastus, one is able to see firsthand just what the best prices for premium domain names are. By seeing how premium domain names are sold on the Vastus registrar, one can become more knowledgeable of how to adjust their own prices to the most intelligent margins when they are looking to sell a domain themselves. The rate of complaints for Vastus is very low, showing that in its four years of service during which the domain industry has skyrocketed in exposure, there has been almost nothing but positive reactions. The good reputation of Vastus is owed in part to its partnership with GoDaddy, the largest registrar of domains on the net, and its consideration of customer’s needs with the implementation of an escrow service.

Alexa Rank

Vastus’s reputation can be easily observed through its relatively high Alexa rating. Alexa is a company specializing in web information that analyzes and ranks different domains based on the volume of traffic that their servers experience on a daily basis. Out of billions of different websites that proliferate within the web every day, Vastus holds a rank of #413,007. Customers who invest their time and money into can do so with the security of knowing that they are doing business with a website that has established itself as one of the primary domain hosting services to be found in the entirety of the Internet. Vastus’s legitimacy is supplemented by a boost from the Alexa Rank of its direct partner, GoDaddy. GoDaddy holds an incredibly high rank of #110 amongst the almost uncountable amount of different websites ranked by Alexa, and when paired with Vastus, it is very easy to see why they are the most intelligent domain hosting team to do business with

Why choose Vastus?

With the threat of nationwide financial crisis looming ever closer with what seems to be almost every passing month, civilians are more pressed than ever to search for alternative ways to supplement their standard of living; thankfully, in the age of the Internet, the ability to search for alternative ways to increase one’s income is higher than it’s ever been. In the frontier of creative fundraising, one of the most popular and increasingly lucrative options has been shown to be domain selling. As websites can be called the vital organs to the colossal ephemeral body of information that we call the Internet, the names of the websites are extremely important. The name of domain carries an immense amount of power when considering the amount of visitors that it can potentially attract to the website. With the steady increase in the number of independent web owners showing no sign of slowing down even after over a decade of active international Internet usage, there is a large market for discarded domain names that can be used for the most basic website-building concepts. In response for the great demand for basic domain names, websites like have emerged to host those domains for potential web designers to purchase and use for their own purposes. If one has the patience and will to invest, they can find that choosing a domain from a reputable registrar such a vastusdomains could make the difference between their website going unnoticed or receiving millions of hits a month.