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While most smart and savvy online entrepreneurs have mastered much of the marketing, sales, and traffic generating techniques necessary for success in our growing digital world, the truth of the matter is that people still struggle with trying to find available domains that they can start their new digital empire with.

This probably shouldn’t come as a shock or surprise to too terribly many people that are in this industry right now, as it’s always been a bit of a struggle to find available domains that actually have real value as far as business goes – the kind of domain names that you can count on to create your financial future.

Of course, there are a number of different tools, tips, and technologies out there promising the moon and the stars when it comes to locating and finding available domain names that are red-hot for the picking – though many of them are pushed and peddled by less than ethical marketers looking to move digital snake oil on unsuspecting millions. The last thing that you’re going to want to do is fall for any of these tricks, spending your hard earned money – or even more importantly, your irreplaceable time –when you could have simply move forward with the tips and tools that we have provided directly below.

The first thing that you’re going to need to locate is a reliable and reputable domain name checking tool

Almost anyone who has ever moved forward in the search for available domains has stumbled upon a domain name checking tool in the past. Basically a search bar that allows you to input a domain name followed by the specific suffix that you’re looking for, combing the list of integrated domain name registrar services to see if the domain is available, and then producing an output that either lets you register for that domain name right there or gives you a list of alternatives should it be unavailable, these tools are literal modern marvels.

The only problem is that many of the more popular domain name checking tools that have been used for years and years were caught with their insider secrets exposed just a short while ago. Many of these tools were used by unscrupulous marketers looking to capitalize on great domains that they hadn’t been able to register all on their own, using complex algorithms and reams and reams of data to go out and register popular domains that had continued to paying and register across their service all while telling their visitors that the website name simply was unavailable.

You’re not going to want to turn over your red-hot ideas to any of these a less than ethical business people – especially when there are a number of fine and reputable domain name checking tools that you can actually trust out there.

The second most effective way to find available domains is to look at the domain name resellers and their forums, specifically paying attention to older advertisements that were unsuccessful

While it might seem at least a little bit crazy on the surface to be spending the overwhelming majority of your time combing domain name registrar or domain name reseller services for out of date advertisements on sites and names that didn’t sell, these are very often the very best bargain basement domains that become available. People don’t like to hold onto digital property any more than they like to hold onto very expensive homes in the more traditional real estate world, and very often all it takes is a single email dropped as an inquiry about their available domains to unlock a straightforward negotiation process with you walking away with a high level domain for pennies on the dollar.

Obviously, this is a little bit more work intensive than any of the other methods provided above, but that’s why it works so often for those who are willing to use a bit of elbow grease – your competition will be ignoring this much work in allowing you to clean up and find available domains in the same areas that they have overlooked.

Should you want to avoid the heavy lifting entirely, simply outsource this process and have your virtual assistants push the results of the negotiations directly to your email so that you can close the deal.

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