Marketing Domain Name

With websites and Internet culture in general becoming such big parts of how the average person lives their lives and does business, it’s hardly surprising that web domains are becoming big business. A good web domain is worth its weight in gold these days. That said, it’s common practice for people to attempt to turn a profit by selling potentially valuable web names they already own, as opposed to simply letting them expire.

Some people get even more serious about their endeavors in this regard by making it a point to buy up domains that they hope will have value and then attempting to resell them at higher prices. However, before you decide to do the same, it’s important to understand what you’re getting into. Not every domain has a high resell value and it can be harder to turn a profit on even the decent ones than you think.

Understand Your Options

One of the first orders of business when it comes to selling your domain is to decide which avenue you’re going to use. Many people choose to market theirs on sites like eBay. However, there are a variety of auction sites and third party marketplaces that would be able to help you as well. Most of these sites will require a percentage of the profits you receive in exchange for their services. In some cases, these percentages can be considerable, so make sure you’re aware of each site’s terms of use before signing on the dotted line.

Maximizing Your Chances of a Good Sale with Marketing

marketing domain nameYour chances of successfully selling a domain for a decent profit is to market it liberally. The more people that are aware you’re selling a given domain, the better your chances of getting it off your hands for the price you’re asking. However, you should be aware from the get-go that determining what to spend on marketing a specific domain can be tricky. Many people make the mistake of spending far too much advertising a specific address that doesn’t actually have any value to the current market consumer.

Does Your Domain Actually Have the Value You Think It Does?

Before you being the process of offering and marketing your domain, it’s important to make sure that it actually has the market value that you think it does. Ask yourself how the URL you’re selling measures up in regards to the following concerns.

Extension: Web domains with a high value almost invariably come attached to an extension that’s in high demand. Ideally, this would be .com… but you may be able to market a good .net or .org URL as well depending on the other factors involved.

Domain Name Length: The demands people are the most interested in are going to be shorter in length, as opposed to longer. One-word domains go for the most money, but simple two-word names that are relevant to proper niches are close seconds.

Hyphens: Although hyphens can clarify things in certain cases, they’re generally considered no-no’s. Hyphens imply that the web address in question is merely a second-rate substitute for a better URL. That said, companies attached to them can lose credibility and domains that include them will automatically be worth less than those that don’t.

Important Keywords: Although recent Penguin updates to Google have reduced the power exact match domains once had in the marketplace, domains that contain important keywords are still worth quite a lot of money. If your domain contains one that comes attached to a high web search value, then you definitely could have a winner on your hands.

Before putting your domain on the market, you might also want to consider asking yourself whether or not you’ve received any unsolicited offers to buy the URL from you. Domains that have a truly high commercial value will have received such offers.

At the end of the day, it really is about commercial value when it comes to the overall value of a given domain name. If yours doesn’t have that, then it could be said to have no value at all as a salable product.