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While most people already have a little corner of the web that they can call all their own – a Facebook profile, a Twitter account, or some other social media platform – the truth of the matter is that until you have gone through the process of actually owning a domain name you could lose your web property in the blink of an eye.

And while this probably isn’t too tremendously unnerving if you are only interested in using the web for your own personal reasons, if you are trying to operate a business and then you understand exactly how mission critical owning a domain name truly is.

Of course, not all of us are online entrepreneurs or smart and savvy business people that have been creating a tremendous income from the Internet – but we are all beginning to see that the old economic model of going to school to get great grades, heading off to college to finish off a degree, incurring a world of debt, and then being thrown out into the merciless job market isn’t exactly going to stand up for too terribly long.

Many of us will turn to the Internet to help us at least supplement our income, and unless you have already gone through the process of owning a domain name you may find that you are left out in the cold when it matters most.

Domain names are the future of digital real estate

While there are stories of the person who first registered McDonald’,, or, being able to cash in on their foresight (many of those stories are nothing more than urban legends), the truth of the matter is that snapping up domain names and owning a domain name that could turn out to be a gold mine is not exactly as speculative as some people would assume.

With millions and millions of people jumping online every single day – many of them searching for ways to create real income through the power of the Internet – it should come as no surprise to anyone that many of these people are seeking out and searching for the perfect domain name for their operation. This means that those who are setting up business ventures are going to be searching for the perfect domain name – and if you have already gone through the steps of owning it ahead of time you could profit considerably from your private sale.

While the mantra of real estate developers has always been location, location, location, the new domain developers are all about ownership, ownership, ownership.

We’re talking about a tremendously limited commodity here – and unless you flunked supply and demand, you’ll begin to understand why even the most innocently named domain can become wildly valuable in the future

Sure, the Internet has continue to add a considerable amount of top level domain suffixes from time to time – but the truth of the matter is that the overwhelming majority of people only trust a .com name over everything else. The .net (just to name two) suffixes have been around for years and years now – with a very few people using them at any point in time.

Well, eventually we are going to run out of high level and relevant .com names in the future – and if you happen to have already gone through the steps of owning a domain name with the suffix you’re going to be poised for a pretty incredible payday. Now, this certainly is in a promise of being showered with profits simply because you had the foresight to go through the steps to owning a domain name – but you’ll be in a much better position than anyone else is.

Enjoy amazing leverage just by owning a domain name

Once you have already spent the money to own a domain name – registered it in your own name or the name of your business – there’s no reason that you have to just let it sit around. In fact, developing that domain name into a business opportunity, search engine optimized hotspot, or other corner of the web can increase the value of your domain name dramatically. This can give you other kind of leverage that you’ve been looking for when it comes time to sell your domain names, giving you the payoff that you’ve always hoped for.

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