Finding Available Domain Names

Hunting down the available domain names that are out there is not as difficult as it once was. Because there are so many options in which a person can set up a blog, a business, or whatever their interests might be, the demand for domain names has dropped a little.

But does this mean domain names are no longer a viable means of creating a business or sharing a perspective? Definitely not. Setting up shop with your own domain name is still one of the most worthwhile venues available to you. Domain names still give visitors the impression that the website in question is serious about what they’re trying to sell or relate. This isn’t something that’s likely to change anytime soon. If you want to create a business that’s going to get people’s attention, doing so by acquiring a domain name is still one of the best ways to go.

The problem a lot of people have is with knowing where to go for available domain names. Google searches can often turn up some potential avenues for available domain names, but those same search results can also have a lot of dead-ends. A person can be serious about owning a domain name all they want, but getting a fast, easy list of available domain names can sometimes be so frustrating, their website never goes beyond the planning stage.

One of most essential aspects of successfully running your own website is in knowing how to manage and utilize your resources effectively. The same holds true for finding a list of the domain names that are up for grabs.

Where To Go For Domain Names

There are a number of places where you can go to find available domain names. Here are five places to start. There are more, but these sites have been proven to provide visitors with the information they need to get started on building their own website:

•    123Finder: This is an excellent place to begin searching for an available domain name. 123Finder gives you a number of options to help you find the domain name you’re looking for. One of the nice features with 123Finder is the ability to look over lists of available domain names with 5, 6, 7, or 8 characters. You can then use filters to narrow down your search results even further. This is useful for anyone who is willing to be a little creative with the name they want.
•    Domain Name Soup: One of the things people like about Domain Name Soup is the sheer volume of domain name searching tools that are at their disposal. You can use such search engine tools as manipulation tools, random domain generators, tools that will enable you to seek out domains that have a specific length, and a great deal more.
•    GoDaddy Bulk Search: One of the most powerful domain name registrars in the business, GoDaddy also offers a comprehensive search engine tool for finding the domain name you want. The GoDaddy Bulk Search enables you to look into a massive number of domains simultaneously. You can add as many as 500 words into the input box, and you can pick from a great number of available extensions (such as .eg, .co, .me, .asia, .mx). All you have to do after that is hit “search”, and you’ll be given a list of the domain names that are available to you.
•    Domize: The interesting thing about Domize is that it’s fairly similar to traditional real-time search engines, except there’s one distinct difference. The word you search for will be broken down. What this means is that any word you search for as a possible domain name, such as “business”, will be broken down, and searched for that way. It will check for bu, busi, busin, and so on.
•    DomainTyper: What sets DomainTyper apart from other real-time search engines is the ability to check for both normal domain names and domain hacks. You can also use a Web 2.0 domain generator tool.

Find The Domain Name You Want

Finding a domain name is easy. It’s just important to keep an open mind as you search through all of the domain names that are currently available.