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Starting your own website can be stressful. You have to come up with design, find a place to buy a URL, pick a domain name, and then hope the domain name is still available. It is easier than you think to find available domain names because the Internet offers a variety of different tools that can help you check if some of the domain names you wanted are available. Finding an available domain name is important if you are opening up a website and has become the real estate for the Internet world. Using these tools, you will be able to find available domain names with ease.

Domain Name Soup

Domain Name Soup is one of the many websites available to help you find available domain names. This website offers a full search of domain names, plus plenty of other tools to help you come up with an available domain name. Some of these tool allow you to generate an available domain name using specific keywords that relate to your website. You can even use these tools to determine a domain name of a specific length.

123 Finder

123 Finder is one of the best websites out there for finding available domain names. They offer a list of all the available domain names that can be filtered by how many characters are in the domain. This makes finding a domain name simple since all the domain names you see are available. If you are looking for specific keywords, you can enter them into one of the many domain search tools available on this site, to come up with the perfect domain name.

Save Spell

Save spell is a unique website that offers a list of domain names that have become recently available. The site offers a list of domain names that have recently come available, giving you the option to pick from a list of some of the most popular domain names that may not be used. This website also offers a full search feature and a filter results to get a list of desirable domain names


Scoratic is a unique website that offers similar services to save spell. Scoratic allows you to find domain names that are about to expire and it also gives you the date of expiration. This allows you to see a list of domain names through search and advanced search filters that could give you the chance to get the first opportunity to buy a domain name that may be popular and almost available.

Stuck Domain

Stuck Domain gives you the opportunity to see available domains that other people may not be seeing. Though there are lists of domains that are available, there is also a list of domains that are not going to be updated by their users. This list shows domain names that have been used before but are recently becoming available to people to purchase.

Name Station

Name station is a unique tool to help you find a new domain name. Keywords play an important role in SEO, so name station is the perfect tool because it uses random words and generates available domains to give you the best options at an available domain name. It also gives you the option to filter your results based on how many characters the domain name has on it. Name station is definitely one of the most valuable tools for creating a unique domain name and checking to see if the domain name is currently available.

Instant Domain Search

Instant domain search is a great tool for finding available domain names. It gives you a list of both available and unavailable by every letter you type into the domain name. This website will give you many available options towards domain names. You can see what domain names aren’t available and you can also check some of the other options to see if the domains that aren’t available may be coming available soon through expiration.

If you are looking for an available domain name, the tools that are available to you on the Internet are the best resources available. You can give yourself options and create a list of available domain names that makes choosing a domain name to buy a little more simple.

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