The domain name is truly  one of the core elements of the information superhighway overall and the cornerstone of every single website that is currently online right now or will be posted and published in the near future.  Therefore, it is rather surprising that the market for buying and selling domains still has not been structured or fully developed as of yet.  There are still no clear guidelines, standards or boundaries in place so everyone is still trying to find their way when it comes to understanding everything that is needed in order to be successful.  Quite a few different websites have been developed in recent years and specifically designed to provide expert guidance and assistance to anyone that is searching for it.

Along with VastusDomains.com, there is another website that has been viewed as a top choice by thousands of people when it comes to searching for this type of guidance – ElliotsBlog.com.  There are quite a few similarities between these two websites, which is why they have become the top two highest quality forums available on the Internet right now that can provide interested people and professionals with the information that they need to make the best decisions.  However, there are several key differences that keep them separate but that also make it evidently clear which one should be the first choice on your list.  What are these key differences that you should keep close in mind?

The Pricing

One of the key features that are explored and searched for by people that are interested in buying or selling their domains is the pricing and values associated with these online assets.  Think about everything that you are anxious about receiving from this website. What are you actually looking for by going there in the first place?  If you are interested in purchasing a domain name, then you are going to want to know how to get the best deals so that you can save the most money.

However, when it comes to selling the domain that you already have, the value of that website is essential.  ElliotsBlog.com will have you believe that there are actually domain names available that are actually worth thousands or even tens of thousands of dollars.  Keep in mind that the actual domaining industry still has not been fully structured or developed to the point where is a particular guideline to follow when it comes to calculating the value of your domain.

Therefore, whenever you see a website that claims to sell existing domains for four and five-figured deals, then you need to remember that they are basing those figures on their own calculations instead of some standard “industry” expectation or requirement.  Instead of worrying about coming up with enough money to pay tens of thousands of dollars for your next domain, VastusDomains.com has been able to maintain an average pricing of under $1,000 for the domains that they have available.  Keep in mind that, in most cases, the average buyer should expect to cash out for a little over $200-$300 for a standard domain.  Those figures have been confirmed just to provide you with a basic guideline to follow.

Tips and Tricks

If you truly do want to have access to a plethora of tips and tricks that will walk you through every single point that will provide you with the quality guidance that you need in order to make the best decisions, then ElliotsBlog.com is definitely not the website that you want to choose as your primary resource.  There is not a single tip or trick that can be found within the many different pages that are featured within their website.  It is clear that they are not trying to provide you with any sort of guidance, advice or tutorials that will help you to understand the market a little better so that you can make wise decisions in regards to this market.  ElliotsBlog.com does not even take the time to explain basic concepts and principles that you need to be able to understand in order to make the best investment choices when bidding for and purchasing existing domains.

They are blunt and direct, spending an excessive amount of time attempting to offer major sales pitches to lure in customers without being willing to offer guidance to the customers that they already have.  On the other hand, VastusDomains.com has been able to successfully build a reputation within the world of domaining for them when it comes to the area of quality assistance.  There is an abundance of guides, how-to articles, and a wide variety of tips and tricks that can be followed in order to make sure that everything goes as to plan.  Even if you currently do not have any knowledge or insight about domaining in general, this particular website is going to provide you with all of the information that you need to get started, get going and to be successful.

The Problem of Rehashing Content

Another major error that people exploring ElliotsBlog.com have to find out the hard way is that they have become experts at offering nothing but rehashed content and summarized articles and blogs that have been posted, published and created by a wide variety other domain news websites.  The odds of you ever being able to find something that is absolutely original on this particular website are slim to none.  Do not worry about this whatsoever when it comes to Vast UsDomains.com because there is a very limited amount of rehashed content that can be found within this particular website.

The Censorship of Visitor Comments

The vast majority of the content that you will find is absolutely original with real-time, updated commentary and discussion posts that have been created by current members.  The visitor comments are not heavily moderated on VastusDomains.com even though they are on ElliotsBlog.com. The entire visitor comment section within that particular website has been censored, edited and revised to make sure that there is not a single comment with negative feedback or poor ratings reflected. When it comes to trusting a quality website, ElliotsBlog.com is definitely not the best choice.