Domain Picks Dropping on December 19th 2013

Great three letters domain name, an acronym which can be used for  Florida Memorial University or Francis Marion University

One more ccTLD, Virtual Network Environment probably a great value for an entity like VNE Corporation

One of my favorites, acronym for the  European Law Students´Association. This is 18 years old domain name and 24 hours ago high bid was $450 on NameJet. So, prepare to open your pockets wide if you are interested. Archived Google PR of this domain name is PR5

OK, here we have three keywords long name but take into account that golf-business is growing in Europe. With just a little effort after few months of development you can have a very valuable domain. An excellent opportunity for developers and flippers alike.

Interesting name in a profitable business. Basically, who does not know how to swim? Yes, children. And where people spend most of their money – parents, grandparents?

Good keywords if your niche is art, especially if you like the pictures by Edvard Munch. A pretty nice catch for a Google PR4 domain name.

You do know that people have collected seed from some old pear trees that produce wonderful pears? Nice name for herbal pharmacy and to push marketing for Heirloom Plants & Gardens Forum for example.

Yes, this domain name has a hyphen but transport is something we all need.

Well, we do have a lot of fake things and that is a fact. It would be good to find them all in one place. The domain name should be interesting for tech corporation or toys manufacture industry.

Employment, manual labor, wage labor, economics, party- you can connect  labor with countless others words and with this common other spelling together with the .US extension you can have amazing opportunities and huge number of end users.

One more domain with two great keywords is actually a 9 year old domain. You could probably spark some interest for producers such as BestBelts or HarborFreight