DNforum.com Review

When you are first trying to explore the expanding world of buying and selling domains, it will become almost immediately clear that there is so much to learn.  Even many of the most experienced domain sellers and buyers within the market today still have a lot of room to grow and things to know.  It can be extremely difficult to find a quality resource that provides you with everything that you need to know even after you have started searching through the information superhighway to find guidance.  It may not be very easy to spot the helpful resources that will provide you with a jackpot of information and expert assistance in this regard, but it is much easier than you might think to spot the ones that you should stay as far away from as physically or virtually possible.  The DN Forum at DNForum.com needs to be featured towards the very top of the “stay away” list.

According to the DNForum.com website, there are currently more than 105,000 domainers that are using this particular online resource to buy and sell domains as well as learn more about them and take the opportunity to host and post a wide variety of different discussions about them in general. Keep in mind that there is no real way for you to verify and confirm this statistic, so you are basically forced to either take their word for it or completely turn it down all together as being a negative resource that you should not get yourself involved in whatsoever.  There are several other points about this website that you can consider in order to make a final decision.

A Lack of Industry Structure

Even though domains are an integral element and primary building block of the foundation of the Internet, there is still not a well-defined structure that has been developed yet for the industry of domain buyers and sellers.  As of right now, it is just a lot of different people that are willing to purchase new domains or auction off their existing domains either for personal or professional purposes.  Since there is not any sort of established industry, there are no crystal clear guidelines that can be followed in order to make sure that everything is being done the way that it should be done.  Therefore, you do not necessarily have to worry about any black and white, crystal clear boundaries that need to be used as guidelines to govern your actions.

No Black or White Boundaries

As long as you are able to find a “trick of the trade” or effective tip that works best to achieve your goals, then everything can easily be considered fair game.  There are quite a few people that have been able to make a fortune selling their existing domains, for example, by using effective tips and methods that they have used to sell other valuable assets either online or in the offline world.  However, DNForum.com enjoys targeting the individuals that do not know what they are doing at all or that are searching for more effective ways to get better results from what they are already doing.  Offering to provide guidance in this way is a great idea and valid concept overall.  DNForum.com has taken things to a whole new level, however, by painting a picture in which they are the supreme resource. The truth of the matter is that they are hosting one of the biggest online scams and scandals currently available.  How so?

A Not-So-Elite Group of Scammers

DNForum.com wants their website visitors and registered members to believe that they are an elite group that is able to establish the ethical and moral standards or guidelines that should be followed closely in order to be successful in the overall market of domaining.  They then will try and convince their members to believe that all other forum websites are breaking these rules and should be viewed as spammers and scammers instead that should be avoided.  This website wants you to believe that you need to pay an outrageous amount of money for “premium quality” packages.  The content that they are providing to their registered members has been thoroughly rehashed, but they are selling it as if it is the pot of gold that needs to be included within your premium domain name or current niche in order to make the domain more attractive for selling and marketing purposes.

An Unrealistic Sales Pitch

Being able to find someone that is going to buy your domain name is already a difficult process in itself. DNForum.com wants you to believe that by registering within their forum, your website is going to just instantly become the ultimate fishing bait that lures in people that are willing to pay thousands and even tens of thousands of dollars to purchase your “premium” domain name.  That is absolutely not true whatsoever.  Once you have gained a little experience with trying to sell your domain, you will quickly realize just how unrealistic that bundle of nonsense truly is at that time.

The Truth about the Information Available

A major selling point of DNForum.com is the list of hundreds of topics, titles and discussion boards that are featured on their website.  It is rather easy to believe from seeing that type of listing that this website is packed with an overwhelming abundance of quality information.  It is not until after you have already registered your account and started giving them your money that you find out that the majority of those titles and topics have been inactive and outdated for years.  The elite experts that offer “guidance” through this forum do nothing but complain about how there is not a truly effective method when it comes to selling your domain successfully besides the one that they are offering.  Any material, articles and other resources that they recommend do not have any substance whatsoever, will lead you nowhere and teach you nothing.

The Bottom Line

Once again, the overall concept of being able to get all of your guidance from one solid resource on the Internet is a great idea and valid concept.  It would truly be wonderful to have one specific website that will teach you everything that you need to know in order to successfully sell your existing domains and find great deals on brand new domains.  However, you need to realize that the DNForum.com does not fit the bill.