Cheap Domain Names

You don’t have to spend a fortune to start the website you have always dreamed of. Today, you can purchase your website name, also called domain name, for the change in your pocket. There are variables of course such as the availability of your website name and the popularity of the words involved in the name. But if you can create something unique and clever, the options are available to reserve that name for a minimum of one year for less than a dollar. Cheap domain names are all over. You just have to look for them.

Where to Buy Cheap Domain Names

Cheap Domain NamesThe popularity of e-commerce has caused an explosion among those selling and registering domain names. There are thousands of sites out there that offer domain names for purchase and, better still, domain names at a discount. One of the more popular sites, Network Solutions sells certain domain names for just 59 cents a year while the well-known site GoDaddy offers sites for as low as 99 cents a year. That doesn’t guarantee your website name will be that cheap. Names with popular keywords like ‘sports’ and ‘news’ will typically cost a little more.

And thanks to competition between the ever-growing list of domain sellers, many sites offer extras even if you buy a domain name at a discounted price. offers a free website along with it’s $1 domain names while other sites give you free email accounts or hosting services along with your new, cheap domain name.

What to Do Once You’ve Got Your Name

The obvious first step once you’ve settled on a name is making sure it is available. Once you do a simple domain name search on any of the many sites, you will get a list of what’s available and for how much. If your site name is already taken or is expensive because of popular keywords, discounted options will usually be listed By simply changing the extension from .com to .co or .biz, you can often save a lot of money over the lifespan of your site.

Once you’ve found your deal, it’s time to register the site. You will select the time period you want to reserve the website name from 1-5 years. You can also set your domain name provider to automatically renew your name when it expires so you never lose it. One note during this process — make sure the domain name site you are going through is certified by the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN), the governing body for the Internet. Like any online ventures, it pays to be cautious to make sure you didn’t just buy a domain name that someone else already owns.

Don’t Pay a Lot for That New Website

There’s no need to break the bank just to start your own website. There is a plethora of cheap domain name deals across the Internet. With a variety of inexpensive domain solutions on the market, you can find the website name that’s right for you and at the right price.