Buying Domain Names – Investors Guide

There are numerous “guides” and tips on the internet showing you where and how to get your piece of domain name property. As a part time domain name investor you have probably used Google more than enough in order to find all the tips you can get buying the right web site name. If you are domain name professional you are probably not reading this lines anyway.

Part time domain name investor

Not all names are created equal. Sure that they come with a nice ring once you fetch unused word phrase and since it is your own invention you are probably already in love on the first sight. But this is something you should not do being a part time domain name investor. Registering new domain names in this day and age is simply a waste of money. Even if you manage to get semi-good looking name, chances are that there are plethora of combinations on those same keywords already registered and luring potential visitors away from your new egg. This is the most common pitfall of many part time investors who do not have time or will to explore all the opportunity of domain name investing.

Registered domain names are expensive

So what is left in the domain name ecosystem? There are domain names which are sitting idle, parked or simply not pointing anywhere. Chances are those are for sale to the right bidder. Most part time investors’ attention drops by a magnitude order in this very phrase. Right bidder? Nah, I am outta here! Wait, there is more. Right bidder does not mean that you need to second mortgage your home and sell your sister to gypsy carnival, no Sir. The right bidder could be just a hundred or two hundred bucks in, yes this is how low it can go. And it usually does – you may read about domain name being sold for thousands or even tens of thousands and if you would read between the lines you will probably notice that those kind of domain name sales are very rare and far apart. The most usual domain name sale price we have on Vastus Domains is US$ 150.

Expensive registered Domain Names

Registered Domain Names do not need to be expensive

Third party sellers are usually spammers

Here you are, found a perfect name for handful of dollars and thinking is this sale a scam? Am I going to lose my money? The first thing you should negotiate after the domain name ownership price with the seller is the escrow for domain name transfer. Probably the best escrow you want is that of domain name registrar itself – the perfect example is GoDaddy registrar and its auctions platform. GoDaddy does all the escrow, ownership transfer and finally registration services for you and it can not be more safe than it gets. Once you have set up the escrow service, you do not have to deal with the seller directly and most important, you do not have to worry about seller not delivering because your money will sit in the escrow until he or she delivers.