GoDaddy outage 2012/09/20

Get your answers to the big question godaddy outage 2012/09/20 hack?

Puzzling as it may be that such a big daddy as Godaddy, the domain name churning factory, had an outage on 2012/09/20, it would have been even more ominous if the cause underlying the occurrence was a hack. Fortunately all those asking godaddy outage 2012/09/20 hack? are relieved to know that it is not. It was just a temporary technical glitch.

Looks like something of an apprehension surrounds the fated dates in September, for service outage on the Godaddy servers caused a considerable level of consternation among users, particularly those who had spent a decent amount of money on domain names. The service was out for nearly five hours. But the fears that the reason behind the outage was hacking proved to be unfounded, and Godaddy has come up with an apology for the temporary downtime and inconvenience. There is also a very simple answer as to what had happened, which reassures all and sundry that there is no serious outcome that need be feared from the temporary muddle.

Interim CEO Scott Wagner was quick to dispel rumors in an e-mail sent out addressing the issue. There was no hacking of the server and all the information stored is as safe as ever. Nor is there any report of DDoS [Distributed Denial of Service]. The internal routers entered something of a quagmire that even the best of routers are subject to, when data tables are corrupted. It has been declared that the resulting snafu was no more serious than a set of internal network programs going haywire.

The effects of the downtime and the scare of Godaddy outage 2012/09/20 hack? understandably might have caused temporary disturbance and worry among the millions of customers, but engineers were able to identify the problem immediately. A few prompt movements were undertaken and the situation has been set to rights by Godaddy immediately.

A statement has been issued indicating that the networking and router issues have been fixed, and during the whole episode, no customer data or account information have been compromised upon in any way, nor has any inadvertent exposure occurred.

It may be acknowledged here that a many millions of websites and e-mail connectivity is routed through Godaddy servers and none of this has suffered from anything but intermittent outage and downtime. It is understood that certain rumors of a DDoS took shape, possibly because of some Tweets being circulated. These were mere conjecture and are baseless. There have also been certain claims that the dislocation of services was due to hacking. Even these reports have been conclusively proved to be false.

Further investigation into the hacking claim proved it to be a hoax because of inconclusive reports that a million Apple iPad and iPhone ids have been hacked. Further contradictory claims regarding hacking of an FBI database through a laptop have also been revealed.

Godaddy, meanwhile, has confirmed that the network issue has been resolved and ample measures have been taken to prevent such outage from taking place again.