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Godaddy is one of the biggest names in web hosting in the industry and is multiple times bigger than any other service provider. The last internet based research revealed that close to 46 million users have their domain names registered through godaddy. The services are reliable, smart, safe and economical as well. A lot of rewards and recognition state their competency and they are here to stay. Even if one is unable to find a domain name or web hosting, Godaddy can get the same done. Through their domain name auction, one can find the shortest and the most thrilling names.

Web hosting features

Godaddy is the kind of service provider for web hosting that helps individuals and even organizations get their website easily accessible through the WWW. These provide a certain amount of space on the servers which are either owned by them or leased out for clients’ use. Through the web hosting, godaddy provides internet connectivity through a data centre. There are varied scopes of godaddy hosting. The common service is the web page and small level file hosting. Here the files are uploaded through FTP or even through a web interface. Godaddy hosting transfers these files with ease on the web. The brilliance of having a godaddy hosting is that it is packed with all the wonderful features one could ask for. An individual or an organization can get the facility of a database, emailing and blogging to begin with.

Godaddy hosting packages

The feature packed service of godaddy hosting has eliminated most of the competition from the market and no other provider gets you the kind of network and services as godaddy hosting. These features come with a basic package and are quite affordable too. For small scale business owner or individuals, the basic pack is quite good. However, if one is looking for a complete set of features then godaddy has to offer a wide variety of packages as well. One can go in for a monthly subscription or even a yearly package as well. The data and services vary from packages to packages. A shopping cart is the kind of software one would get at a premium price unlike basic pack. The complete godaddy hosting packages are quite flexible. If one thinks that one needs to add more to their inventory then they can enhance the package as well.

The email and other database features are capped as well. One can increase the size of the data pack. One can choose whatever service they require and take out other features from their pack and will have to pay for as many features they use. Godaddy hosting provides small storages like 10GB to even 150GB.

Unlike other web hosting providers, godaddy has the best service and 24/7 support. One can get their queries resolved in no time and can modify their packages and domain features any time they want. Godaddy hosting is a smart and very affordable service provider packed with amazing features.

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