Decipher the stats-speak – GoDaddy biggest .com/.net registrar

If you are using the Internet for knowledge sharing, research or entertainment purposes only, you might not be required to know about Go Daddy, but if you are even a little serious about monetizing your presence on the internet, then you surely have more than heard about it. You probably even have your website registered and powered by Go Daddy. That is how big it is. Whichever corner of the globe you are from, the godaddy biggest .com/.net registrar phenomenon would have swept you up, because it is the best domain registration provider in the business, which offers a bouquet of steady services at a reasonable price.

Everyone from the gingerly-treading entrepreneur endowed by a benevolent angel investor to the one who has no care for money but only wants to present his brilliant brain-child to the world would require the services of Go daddy, and this popularity is not an overnight achievement, but something that has built since the time it was founded in 1997.

There is a lot to recommend Go Daddy. It stays on top of technology and offers the best to its customers. The pricing of domain names and registration is attractive. Website hosting, web based e-mail, search engine optimization and security certificates such as SSL encryption are offered by Go Daddy. Brilliant pieces of E-business software are available on sale at Go Daddy and have helped hundreds of entrepreneurs get their projects off the ground. They have blogging applications which are all offered with easy-installs and even WordPress can be used through this platform.

There are some unique features of interest and statistics which prove that the claim that godaddy biggest .com/.net registrar is a reality. As of 2010, Go daddy has 45 million domain names in its management. ICANN or Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers recognizes Go Daddy as the largest registrar of domain names. Founded by Bob Parsons and headquartered in Scottsdale, Arizona, Go Daddy has left even its closest competitors far, far beyond in terms of the size of business and turnover. The closest competitor is only a fourth of the size of Go Daddy.

Not only as a service provider of domain registration and web hosting of superior quality, Go Daddy has also carved an exemplary niche for itself in ethics concerning the way business is conducted and maintained. It has taken an appreciable stand against intellectual property infringement, domain slamming and has supported the battle against child predators and unscrupulous conduct of business among online pharmacies. It has made major contributions toward removal of child abuse, teenage homelessness and domestic violence. Throughout the existence of Go Daddy, it has shown a strong affiliation towards being customer friendly and transparent in its practices. It has received the Gold Stevie Award in 2012 for the Customer Service Department of the Year in Computer Services.

All in all, Go Daddy is a business group that has conducted itself exceptionally well across the years. The conglomerate of companies which it has evolved to today has many scions of members such as Blue Razor, Wild West Domains and has also acquired