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If you are an online entrepreneur looking for some free advertisement then you would have heard about SEO. SEO or search engine optimization is the method of targeting popular search engines like Google and making them display your website in the first few search results for a particular search phrase. To do this there are a number of techniques like good content, keywords, and backlinks that help influence to Google pick your website. But the main drawback here is that the algorithm Google uses isn’t known and Google keeps updating it from time to time. This is why fighting Google with SEO to keep your top position in search engine result pages is a must.

Google SEOGoogle keeps updating its algorithm; the latest is called the penguin where trash backlinks seem to be the target. SEO is an ongoing process; you need to invest a lot of time keeping to Whitehat SEO and in the end, your efforts and patience are awarded with a good page rank. And suddenly, Google announces a new update and you would get a mail stating that your website isn’t up to Google’s standards and in case some action isn’t taken your website would be banned. And before you know what to do your website page rank starts deteriorating. This is when you need to know about fighting Google with SEO.

In case your website got the Google “slap”, don’t pack your bags and give up your website. You need to know that fighting Google with SEO can help get your good page rank back. So, how do you do that? Basically the first step is to analyse your content and all the other SEO techniques you have been using to improve your page rank. Concentrate especially on backlinks since the recent updates in the Google algorithm seems to be targeting bad backlinks. Once you find the problem areas take steps to remove them from your website. Every change you make needs to be documented.

In fighting Google with SEO you can use the Google Webmaster tools. These will make your search for those SEO techniques or aspects that have been offending Google much easier. And it isn’t the end of your website if it has been removed from Google’s directory. Once you have made the necessary removals you can re-submit your website to Google clearly citing all the changes you have made so as to keep in tune with the Google guidelines. Once you make the submission, Google will review the changes made and reinstate your website once again into its directory.

Then the final step in fighting Google with SEO is to once again start at building your page rank with the search engine. A most important point to remember is to stay away from blackhat SEO and best avoid even the grey areas. You will have to start your SEO campaign afresh but you will be rewarded for your industry and patience with a good rank.

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