How to avoid spam and keep your mailbox free?

Spam mails are the unnecessary and unwanted mails that clog up your mail box and never seem to end. The way the internet database is available in the market, if one shares the email address at one site or place, it tends to reach the most undesirable and unwanted places on the net. There are various ways one can avoid getting spam mails into their mailbox.

  • Be very careful while sharing your email address – One should be extremely careful while sharing their email addresses and primary mailing ID, to be most precise. Every website asks for your personal details and email addresses for providing information. If the information is such that one can do away without sharing the email ID then one should avoid mentioning that. In case it is required for a temporary purpose and there is still a risk of the same getting in the hands of spam mailers then one should give a secondary email ID.
  • Create a secondary email ID- One should always create multiple email IDs. The primary one used in your personal information at banks, resumes should be kept exclusive and a secondary email address should be shared wherever it needs to be. This way even if the spam mails come, they don’t clog up your primary address.
  • Lookout for the check boxes- Every website has a checkbox item at the end of the personal information page. If a person does not want promotional mailers or the email ID getting public then one can uncheck the option and one’s privacy is maintained.
  • Have a long and complicated secondary ID- A long and also a complicated email address tends to go amiss in the hands of the spam mailers and in turn helps keep your mailbox clean.
  • Always unsubscribe- Most of the mass mailing websites have an option of unsubscribing from these mailers. One can uncheck or click on the option and it directs the recipient to the home address and thus gets unsubscribed from the mass mailers or spam mails.
  • Social networking sites- One’s personal information is made public while signing up for social networking sites and unless one maintains privacy by changing the personal settings, there are chances that their personal details get in the hands of spam mailers. To avoid this, one should keep their personal information private.
  • Avoid replying to spam mails- If one replies to spam mails they will definitely get more spam mails because this shows that their email address is active.
  • Never click on links or photographs- One should avoid clicking on any links or photographs that are there in the spam mail. This will not only show your account as active but will redirect you to an unwanted domain.


One should really use their common sense while dealing with spam mails. One should report spam immediately when found one as well as unsubscribing from mass mailers. Spam mails can be gotten rid of only by smart use of the internet and by no other tool.