How to get affordable domain names?

Having a domain name gives identification, an authority, administrative autonomy and even control on functions over the internet. The DNS specifies the rules and regulations of having a domain name. Domain names come in use for various networking related contexts and addressing purposes as well specific application naming. The Internet protocol is represented by a domain name. Domain names are categorized and well organized in subdomain levels of the DNS root. The domain names are names chosen by internet users. These can be networks, computers or even services. It is extremely important and identification code representing the IP source.

Factors while choosing a domain names

Having a domain name of one’s own choice is extremely difficult now. If one needs to have a domain name of preference, it does not come within the affordable range. These are sold, auctioned at times and are at a very high price as they give unique and recognizable names as addresses. One should carefully weigh all factors that affect the price and its value while picking up a domain name. Everyone desires to have a simple, easy to memorize and a unique domain name but the question is the price of the same.

  • The price of the domain name depends on the name, the length of the name, total number of numerical figures and words used in it, easy to spell etc. A short and a catchy word will come at a very high price and is more visible automatically. One can personalize the name by starting it with “my” or so to make it affordably priced.
  • A domain name selected from the registered list of ICANN will always be expensive compared to the others. One can have affordable domain names which are not from ICANN.
  • Domain names are affordable when chosen from registered companies that don’t let you alter or make any kind of change to the domain on one’s own. In case one needs to make changes on their own, it becomes a little pricey.
  • Getting domain names in bulk will always help getting affordable deals as compared to individual purchases.
  • Research well before buying a domain name. One should find out the best domain name service provider in the market that is reliable and affordable as well.
  • Choosing the extension name like .in or .com plays an important role in defining the cost of the domain names. Country specific domain names are more affordable than .com.
  • Domain name should be bought from companies which just have the initial fees and one should find out about renewal fees as well. Certain companies give a good deal at the time of registering but are extremely high at the time of renewal. Big names offer good deals but are expensive as an overall package.
  • Domain names are affordable to buy when taken as an annual subscription. One should buy domain names where one can choose the features one wants specific to own requirement as it works out cheaper compared to others.