How can having Twitter page help your SEO

New Google Algorithm

Ever since Google has changed their algorithm of ranking web sites in order to isolate and drop no-content or poor-content sites out of their search result set there has been a lot of fallout from this change. Many sites with natural low content, like listings or news drops, and sites with hardy changing content like most of the companies websites are also being affected by this change having various dubious results showing in top of the search result set for the particular niche. This has resulted in a decrease of visitors and traffic for many affected websites and SEO experts were searching a viable methods to boost otherwise legitimate sites back up.

Social Networking – SEO of the new age

Social networking has its prime time nowadays. Everybody and their grandmother has a Facebook or Twitter account or both. Beside those big players in the field many small networking sites are also receiving the attention. In the mentioned Google change the social networking sites results are also being affected and in a good way too. Meaning having a social network connections for your business is a must if you are any serious of increasing your visitor base, returning visitor base and in end effect customer base. By some statistics large number of people do not even search anymore by using conventional methods of using search engines, they do their searches directly in Facebook or Twitter. This has changed the play field a lot and if you have not already, it is five past midnight to act in this department.

Twitter account – name your business or name your keywords

The easiest and most effective way to jump into the social networking bandwagon and to not increase your operating costs is to open a Twitter account. The best way is to use your business name itself as an account name. Some researchers say that the account name itself acts like a page title for Google et al. Since Twitter accounts do not allow spaces make sure to capitalize letters properly (for example our business Twitter account is VastusDomains). Since the popularity of Twitter is increasing and the method of using Twitter account for company promotion is not new, chances are that the company name you are trying to register as Twitter account is already taken. If this is the case you have two possibilities; either find out who the current owner is and if this is an individual or a Twitter squatter, you could just email Twitter support to have your account company name registered to you if they see your claim as valid (trademark or otherwise). However if the registrant of Twitter account is another company or a legitimate individual you would have to work your way around the problem. The best solution in this case is to find out what are the most searched key phrases for your business, if you hold any kind of statistics on your website visitors this should be easy to find out. Once you see the best possible keywords for your business offering, make up a Twitter account name for it.

Twitter – post fresh and post often

The account registration is not where your Twitter journey ends. If you do not have a company blog or news feed you have to seriously reconsider your SEO efforts first. Having at least a news feed or best offers feed is a must. Once you do, update your Twitter with the content from your blog or other feed at least once a day. I would advice against any kind of automatic posting or followers gathering because this would hurt you in the long run. In the beginning follow the industry niche you are in and once you get yourself a follower, follow him back. This is the best way of naturally gathering followers. Once the train starts and your Twitter page updates daily your followers will flow in from itself. Also effects of social networking are not often transparent in your visitor statistics, note that if you are getting popular you will see surges or pikes then sharp declines, this is quite normal. However in few weeks time you should see your twitter account page showing up in Google and ranking high.