The right time for domain name investment

We have just had Easter weekend and judging from the visitors to this blog and our site at Vastus Domains the off-time was great and people have had lot of fun. Yes, the sales went down and there is nothing wrong with that. As in any market, domain name market also follows natural movements of both buyers and sellers. This in particular means that following Easter, Christmas or New Year there are rapid drops of interest in domain names purchase. It is quite normal behavior of any market segment.

What is important is that following the vacationing season there is always a substantial surge in visitors and potential buyers. This is also to be expected, in fact there are domainers in the business targeting specifically the post holiday season week for their best deals. It boils down to human psychology, once you are rested and your batteries are full you are ready for new challenges. Your entrepreneur spirit tells you that it is the right time to invest or expand your business.

So what is the right time to invest in domain names? To answer that you have to include the potential goal you are aiming to achieve with your investment. If this is publicity the time is now. If it is longterm development you do not have to hurry. The special case are domain names closely related to already established business or products. If you hunt after such a name the time is of an essence. If you fail to recognize the urgency you might wind up paying even more to third party squatter (if you have registered name) or typical domain name investor.

For longterm development and establishment of a new name you do not have to hurry. You just need to have a lot of patience and invest lot of work to develop and establish the domain name you invest into. In other words you can even participate in lengthy negotiations over domain name price to achieve a better price. Once you secure your targeted domain name you are free to carefully plan and deploy your development strategy for months to come. Besides your main goal is longterm investment and if you put your pieces on the right place the patience will get you there.

Do not worry if your newly purchased domain name is not doing good over the holiday season. This is to be expected, people are more with their families and loved ones socializing and less interested in virtual world. In the other hand, if you happen to own and your sales drops during the Easter then this is a cause for alarm. Follow us in the next weeks we are planning to do a thorough article about best SEO practices you can employ to have that not happen to you and your domain name investment. The new Google algorithm is there and some of the tricks from the old bag of tricks are not working anymore.

To conclude, domain name business is not going to vanish during the holidays nor it will dissipate. The expected turnaround will get back in the days and weeks following the season. Even so investing in domain names should be done according to your investment plans and more times than often there are cases people spending large sum of money on domain names in a hurry when they could have negotiated the price lower and used extra funds for other crucial means.