Social Networks – SEO of the new era

Offsite SEO – the old methods

The old methods of offsite SEO are to find your market segment related blogs and forums, create users on forums and stick a link back to your site and use your site links in the signature on your posts. On the blogs you would have to give valuable addition to the topic and stick a link back to your site either in form of a signature on in the name of your poster. Both methods were discussed on the SEO related sites numerous times and there is really no big deal to do so. It is however time demanding and many people hire SEO services to do their back links. This can be two edged sword, if your back links are building too fast and too many you will be penalized by search engines – if you go too slow the effect will be of a low impact.

Social Networks – the new offsite SEO

While those two old methods and different ones using the same agenda from the back link building system are not vanished, in fact they are still very important, today we have a somewhat different environment for promoting your web site. In the eve of social networking sites people have used them to hang around and meet friends and new people. The times have changed and now social networking is also an important aspect of your web site promotion. You can tackle the issue in two different approaches, first having an account with every social networking site of matter (usually Facebook, Twitter and Digg would suffice) and posting regular summaries of your content and also following other people content and stories to get followers, likes and of course be followed and liked. And second approach to have pay ads in those networks, either by directly paying for an ad (Facebook) or have a SEO service do your bidding.

SEO – patience is a virtue

In either case the goal is to get as many followers which will in turn become your visitors, readers and customers. The key as in any enterprise being done virtually nowadays is patience, you cannot build a good followed profile on Twitter or a fan page on Facebook and expect to hit ten thousand of followers within two weeks. And even if you do using various SEO services or other tricks, this metric will mean nothing because stats would be blown out of real proportions and your impact with social networking will be very low. The key is also to have the steady inflow of information and to keep your visitors aka followers by regularly updating your profiles. Also the thing to have in mind is not to overdo this by posting dozen of links, stories or plain see-me-here-I-am stunts a day – this will do more harm than good since people will start ignoring you and you will lose followers or likes.

Search Engine Optimization – the experiment

Social networks are the SEO of the new era, some argue that even if you do not do anything relating your back link building the old fashioned way and you have a good approach to your social networks promotion you would still be on pair with return of the investment of time and money. To prove them right (or wrong) I have personally done few similar market niche sites with different content promoting ones only the old fashioned way via back links building and others by using social networking method exclusively. It is too early to tell the real result of my experiment but suffice it to say that I have similar results on both methods thus far (three months and counting).