Short lived keyword phrases

Strong search volume keyword domain names

In the domaining industry, domainers are usually searching and hunting for big volume keyword and keyword phrase domain names in order to better monetize their investment. This however can be quite tricky because most of searched terms are already taken and have been for years now – it can be pure luck to find good volume search keyword domain name nowadays. Despite the luck, to actually fetch a good domain name on which domainer can monetize his/her investment lot of research has to be done and much effort need to be invested, the names that are turning profit on each dozen visits are hard to come by and owners of such domain names are seldom even putting them for sale. This fact has in turn opened few alternative approaches from which there are two most common used ones; long tail keyword domain names and short lived or seasonal keyword domain names.

Long tail keyword domain names

Long tail keyword domain names are simply an extension to already established good volume keyword domain name. What domainer usually does is to add prefix or suffix to a known domain name to invest into. Prefixes and suffixes are depending on particular domain name grammar or meaning but enough to say is that they are usually prefixed with articles like “the” or “a” or suffixed using plural names. There are also cases where adding a geolocation can be prudent if generally keyword phrase does denote an activity which can be geo located – like for example would have long tail keyword domain name as or Another seldom used extension is to add an action or a predicate to a keyword phrase, however geolocation, prefix/suffix, singular/plural and hyphen are the most used methods in making long tail keyword domain names.

Short lived or seasonal keyword domain names

Domain names in the short lived or seasonal keyword bunch are connected to a specific event or recurring event which is active or being activelly searched for in a particular time of a year. This can be for example anything that has to do with Thanksgiving Day, Christmas for recurring events or can be year 2000 end of millennium type of a keyword or upcoming 2012 “end of the world”. The main differentiation on the seasonal or short lived keyword domain names are if they are recurring or one shot type of events. If they are recurring then domain name has in general better value and better sale opportunity, if they are one shot type they are generally valid before the event pass and few weeks behind. That said, you are much better of to buy long tail keyword domain name in the effect of monetization or development of said domain name than you are with short lived ones. With short lived keyword domain names you are on the thin ice and can be investing too much for something – logically by the nick name – short lived. Exception are of course there, like public or world wide events occurring every year or during the year and having high popularity – like Christmas.