Registrar Transfer or Push? 2

We have covered the process of what does happen when you backorder domain name with us. Now let us go into the next step, once domain name has been secured and you as a buyer have transferred the agreed funds for ownership. In the industry there are two methods of transferring the domain name ownership to third person. First one is called push.

Domain Name push

This is a process of changing account within the same registrar. In our case Vastus Domains is partnering with world most used registrar GoDaddy and pushing the domain name to buyer account is straightforward and hassle free. And it is done in minutes after we receive the funds. What does happen behind the curtains? Not much, the account we have with GoDaddy is updated and domain name is deleted from it, then the buyer account is credited with the domain name and WHOIS information is also adjusted to the data from buyer account. Once this process finishes the buyer has complete control over domain name and also can decide to transfer it to different registrar at a later time.

Domain Name transfer

Domain name transfer is a process where there is gaining and losing registrar. It was highly complicated throughout the 1990’s but it is made simpler in the last few years. The important thing here is that domain name being transferred has to be unlocked from the losing registrar, then the losing registrar needs to provide unique EPP code for transfer. After that gaining registrar needs to confirm with the domain name owner of the transfer – by using publicly available email address in the WHOIS and finally gaining registrar use EPP code and letter of confirmation from the owner to transfer the domain name after losing registrar confirms the transfer.

The push Cons

  • there is no registrar change, if you have consolidated all your domain names under one registrar this can be bothersome
  • you need to renew domain name under current registrar, depending on the registrar this can involve higher fees than necessary

The push Pros

  • fast, usually in minutes
  • free of charge

The transfer Cons

  • slow, can take days and even months if losing and gaining registrar cannot agree on the terms
  • bothersome since losing registrar will try to lock you in and ask you not to leave
  • expensive, depending on the gaining registrar but there is always a charge for transferring

The transfer Pros

  • the only advantage is when you have all your domain names under one umbrella or when the losing registrar is shady

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