How to register (buy) a domain

To have your site, the first thing you need is a domain, ie. name of the site. The domain is therefore your website address on the Internet. How to register a domain?

When you sign up for a free hosting, usually for a hosting account comes with a subdomain. Subdomain is actually the second-level domain and read “ In this case, “” the domain provider free web hosting. To him, in a sense, came as advertising.

When you register a subdomain, from the very beginning you are limited and do not have complete freedom to dispose of the name of your site. That is to say, you are left to the mercy of the free hosting provider. When his whim can easily delete your account, and with it the name of your site and complete site. If that happens, you will not know where you from trouble, especially if you have a lot of effort put into making the site and its promotion.

To avoid this situation came to recommend or to find a reliable free hosting provider or to buy the domain (national or international). It is not expensive. com,. net,. org domains are more expensive than $ 10 a lot. 

It is often better to buy the domain for then do not depend on others. If you’re being screwed with hosting provider, you can easily move your site without much stress.

But that does not turn the topic and to explain how to register your domain tj.kupiti. There will be words of purchase international domain.

You can buy your domain for a number of places. Some of the known domain registrars are,, and many others, known and unknown. Use them when you have a card to pay online. If you do not have such a card, you can buy an international domain and of our people who are resellers (resellers) of these registers. Then the domain will be more expensive, and the price is usually up to 10 euros, but you have the opportunity to make a deposit in the mail via money order. Unfortunate in this case is that all you have to work through an intermediary.

Basically all the registers give some discount on the price of the domain if you use their promotional code.