How to rank in search engines

Long ago were the times where you only had to write about something to be ranked in the search engine results and leave it there. In today’s day and age to be competitive and profitable you need to invest much more time and effort in your ranking campaign to be able to pull a dollar out of your investment.

There are generally three strategies behind ranking process you can undertake;

1. Original Content

  • The most important strategy of the pack, you need to have original and informational (or educational or entertaining) content. Having such content on your side ensure that you are being indexed for the right portfolio of keywords you usually put in your meta tags.
  • On how to write original content there are no real guidelines. The best advice I can give you is to use your imagination and write about the topic you find interesting or you are working with. This way you will also encompass your learning about the topic of your interest.

2. Back links

  • This strategy is the most talked about on the internet. Building back links to your site and pages is not as hard as you might think. There are basically several ground rules you can follow. First, try to link from related sites, pinging blogs with the content similar to yours, asking webmasters of similiar sites to exchange links with  or post to various document directories.
  • Second advice I would give on the topic is to go slow and steady. Do not buy thousands of backlinks in a week. Start with few backlinks a month, build it up to a dozen per month and so long.

3. Social Networking

  • This strategy is becoming more and more important lately. The fact is that it is better to rank good with likes, diggs and tweets than to have thousand of back links from dubious sites.
  • To have your social networking presence you have to do your homework. You have to open a new account on various social networking sites then use steady and slow posting route to build momentum. Or you can use your existing accounts with already built momentum to boost the newly created accounts and their visibility.
  • Whatever path you choose make sure you are steadily updating content and links to you articles, news or site changes on each and every social networking site you are present on.

Finally, once you acquire a good domain name it can only be as profitable as you make it. Even non-com extensions can rank good and be profitable for you if you invest enough time and effort in optimizing site rankings and its presence on the internet.

Sure, having an excellent to the letter domain name for your company brand, product brand or most hunted keyword in your niche is of a big help. However do not fool yourself that profit will come from domain name itself. You can leave it parked for months or years for chump change and if you would to invest few hours a week and optimize this site with real content, steady inflow of backlinks and strong social networking presence you would be making real money.