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Quality domain names on sale at Vastus Domains. All the domain names in this list are hand picked from our portfolio by our domain expert. They are registered with GoDaddy and we are offering push free of charge to your GoDaddy account. We accept major credit cards and PayPal as payment methods. We are also partnering with Sedo.com and Escrow.com if you want added transfer security – please contact us beforehand to set up transfer at sales@vastusdomains.com if you wish to use escrow services.

nakvision.com – price US $107

– An excellent brandable domain name which can be used in optics market niche. The inflow of visitors is modest average 20 per day but keep in mind that this is direct type-in (no search engines). With a good promotion this name can really shine.

njlasercenter.com – price US $87

– Another brandable domain name also suitable for the optics market niche. This domain name is geo-located and is an excellent buy if you happen to have optics based store in New Jersey. Also suitable for making a review site about sight laser corrections in New Jersey.

onlinebestinsurance.com – price US $500

– Insurance and insurance related topics are always hot ware on the internet. This domain name covers good keywords on the market niche and it is a very affordable domain name. We are seeing excellent inflow of visitors all around the western hemisphere on this domain parking page.

p2insurance.com – price US $99

– The same market segment niche as the last one but with somewhat smaller impact. However this domain name is highly brandable and as such can be used for a product or even company name. As said inflow of visitors are much lower than with the onlinebestinsurance.com above but still impressive for a parking page.

petroradio.com – price US $107

– Petroradio has been founded in 1973 as a company specializing in the microwave communications services offshore Texas for the oil business. Since communication is always in demand for reliable and qualified service support this domain name is excellent to setting up a shop or a review site due to the company. Company does not exist anymore and there are no trademark issues involved.

psychtime.com – price US $97

– A very good domain name to set up a product sales, affiliate site or a review site regarding anything psychology. Search volumes for depression, stress and other psychology related terms are very high and we are even seeing average of 10 visitors a day on this domain parked page without search engine optimization techniques.

ractraining.com – price US $100

– Rent a coder was the most popular web site for hiring an affordable programmer to do small to medium type of projects or fixes. Nowadays the name has changed but the site functionality and business model has not. RAC is still a very popular coin word for this type of queries on Google and this domain name is getting an excellent inflow of visitors daily.

researchcom.com – price US $2,000

– Ranging anything from market research to human genome research this domain name is of great value. Even undeveloped it is receiving great number of direct hits from the western hemisphere (the US, Canada and Europe) and with the right promotion it can get to stellar fame easily.

seismictest.com – price US $2,000

– With the recent events in Japan regarding earthquake and following Tsunami it is a no brainer that domain name like this one has become very popular. Suitable for anything regarding earthquakes, Tsunamis and following natural disasters can be setup as a review site or a news/informational site.

Vastus Domains are the sole owner of all the domain names in this list. There are no trademark issues that we are aware of. For further questions or inquiries please feel free to contact us directly, we appreciate any feedback from you. Our contact email is sales@vastusdomains.com This is just a small selection of domain names we have available for sale at Vastus Domains, for complete offer you can see our portfolio.