Quality Domain Names on Sale

There are many quality domain names out there. Some of them are taken and I seriously doubt they will be released or being sold for a modest fee. However we at Vastusdomains.com have a quality portfolio of domain names on sale and here follows a small slice of our offering.

2012-officialcountdown.com – price US $200

– with the year 2012 coming near the hype is heating on. This domain name has an excellent value for having doomsday stories and links – you would not believe how many people in the world are obsessed with the year 2012. Transfer free to your GoDaddy account with 11 months of registration fee remaining.

a-e-z.com – price US $107

– an excellent domain name for branding your product or company name. Hyphen domain names are often overlooked by the domain name industry but the shear value in this domain name is that it is short and sweet. Free transfer to GoDaddy with 11 months of registration fee.

an-house.com – price US $2,000

– this domain name denotes a big niche market – anime. We are seeing hundreds of visitors to its parking/sales page every day and the domain name itself is suitable for any kind of anime related stories and news. Most of the visitors are from the western continents too. We are offering free transfer to GoDaddy account with 9 months of registration fee included.

babybadge.com – price US $100

– the domain name just waiting to be populated with nursery and baby related things. The name itself is catchy and have a very good inflow of visitors daily. The niche itself is very popular topic and this domain name would be excellent to set up parenting forum. Our offer includes free transfer to GoDaddy and 9 months of registration fee.

breastaugmentationvideo.com – price US $97

– the ever popular topic of plastic surgery and breast enlargement. An excellent domain name for setting up video news about breast augmentation, potential of this domain name is high and with the right development its length does not matter much. GoDaddy free transfer and 8 months of registration fee included.

cd11.com – price US $2,000

short domain name suitable for branding and can also be used for setting up a front portal of a larger website. We have great inflow of visitors from the Asian continent here, China in particular. We offer free domain name transfer to your GoDaddy account and 10 months of registration fee.

com-board.com – price US $87

– an excellent domain name for setting up a forum in your niche. Can also be used for news portal about the industry without an issue. The domain name has dozen of visitors daily even without large scale marketing and promotion (direct visitors only). GoDaddy free transfer and 11 months of registration fee included.

data2u.com – price US $200

– very suitable domain name for holding archives of files for free or pay per service download. Can also be set up as a front end to file management services, but also suitable for data recovery stories and news. Transfer to GoDaddy account is free of charge plus 9 months of registration fee included.

dg4chat.com – price US $108

– this domain name is suitable for setting up javascript or flash based video or text chat services. It has an excellent inflow of western continents visitors daily without promotion and with development and promotion can be a real hit. We are offering 10 months of registration fee and free transfer to GoDaddy account.

Vastus Domains are the owner of the domain names listed here. There are no trademark issues on any of them. In case of any further questions about the domain names in this offer please feel free to contact us at sales@vastusdomains.com