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We have already covered how you can do your own Domain Appraisal as an informative weight of your domain name worth. Today we will talk about what does compromise a quality domain name. There are few factors in domain name industry which let us show that some domain name is of a quality or not.

First factor is marketability. To understand the term, domain name like cheapwatches.com is of great marketability if your market of choice are watches because you can promote all kind of watches and watch accessories using this domain name. On the other hand hereyoucanbuycheapwatches.com is not as marketable because firstly it is a long tail domain name and secondly it is not as memorable as cheapwatches.com is. Memorability and target audience are the most used denominators when assessing domain name marketability.

Second factor is brand-ability.  Now, domain name like cheapwatches.com is not as brand-able as you might think – except if your company selling watches is called Cheap Watches which is highly unlikely. However if your company is called C Watches then domain name as cwatches.com or c-watches.com is highly brand-able to you. Note that it is not as marketable as such because C Watches although short tail domain name has no real meaning outside of your company name. This is where you can employ the trick and use both names, make a real site with your product offers called c-watches.com and make cheapwatches.com forward to c-watches.com directly or make cheapwatches.com have blog about cheap watches with backlinks to your main site c-watches.com.

In our example once developed both domain names are of quality to you. That said, you can conclude that quality domain name is highly individual thing and it depends on your market of choice and keywords used for product searches in that market.

Another trick you can employ to assess one domain name quality is to have both names parked for some time and see how they fare in terms of direct type-in visitors. It might happen that your company real site choice is a better type-in word than keyword based domain name in which case you could just drop the keyword domain name and keep the company brand one.

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