Popular Domain Names

If you have just started your business or you are in the phase of researching the market trends the most common question you can ask yourself before acquiring that domain name is how popular it would be or can be. Join us and explore some of the tricks used by the industry insiders which you can also employ by yourself before you venture and buy a domain name.

First of, to gain traction in the popularity range you need to have a good objective. To have one you need to research your market for positive trends and see how you can explore those trends in your advantage. For example, you are going to sell baseball memorabilia. First you will research what are your competitors doing by using common keywords search on the search engines and see how they fare in the results. In our example you would search for “baseball history”, “baseball fan”, “baseball stickers” etc. Once you get the feel for what is out there, open one of your competitors web site (best to open the one showed up in the first few results) and look for the web site source and HTML tag <meta name=”keywords” Now just write them down and do that for next few sites you find. You will have a nice start for keywords you would want to use for your site.

How does this relate to domain name popularity? Well, you have the keywords list now, get on the net search again and see if any of the domain names are available for purchase composited from those keywords. For our example lets say we have “baseball legends” as top keyword from our research. Now we look for baseballlegend.com, baseballlegends.com, baseballlegend.net, baseballlegends.net etc. The important thing to remember is that most popular keyword search would not help you if you are going to have an empty or poor content site. However having generic most searched keywords in your future site name is a great start.