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There has been a lot of talk lately about the new and improved Google algorithm which punishes sites with low to none content in their search engine results. Mini sites are often in this category and thus they are also the target of the new algorithm. However domain parking is even worse in the eyes of the new algorithm and still I have yet to see an outrage of domainers screaming. As always it is in the small print – if you have a mini site with quality content, it can even be few pages long and it will still rank in search engine result set. As for domain parking there is actually no change since Google has implemented parked sites denomination from results long time ago.

It is obvious that in the longterm, your domain name investment can be much more easily returned by making minisites than to use simple domain parking services. So, what does compromise a good quality mini site?

The first and the out most important thing about mini sites is the content. The content will be often static and seldom changing over the months and even years of mini site existence. Once you decide to make your domain name into mini site think hard and thorough about the target audience. Find many interesting and more important targeted topics then make a short list of the most searched ones using search engine competitors results as a guideline. Finally write the content of minimum one full page (usually 500+ words) for each topic.

The second thing about mini sites is the actual layout. Since you will be using this layout for months to come you need to do a proper research to choose the right layout which will have both the content and the advertising in place and hand in hand. Think about the mobile users too, the last years have seen an explosion of the mobile devices and their market share is demanding attention. So drop the all-in-one solutions if you can, the best course of action is to hire professional designer to do the work – and this investment will return tenfold. However if you are short on funds you can use one of the thousand free layouts out there just make sure that you follow the content and the advertising coexistence guideline.

Finally, since we are on the mini site, actual domain name need not to be catchy or searchable word. For this purpose you can even have .info or some ccTLD domain do the job. Of course targeted audience keyword domain name will help but not by a large margin. You are going to depend on the organic search engine results and their visitors in the long term so overspending in the domain name investment is not a necessity.

What are you waiting for? All you need to start is a domain name you can get with us, some time on your hands and some imagination. And of course patience, success does not come over night or the second day, it can take months or even years until you can see the results of your work. But believe me it will be well worth the try.

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