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Investing in domain names is no different than for example investing in the stock market options, bonds or any other variety of ware where worth of it is important as is future growth. There are few ground rules you should follow when you invest in domain names. First of, do not overspend your money on the domain name. If you can try to find more affordable domain name in the same market you are targeting. With a good SEO optimizing you can even surpass the larger and more expensive name.

We at Vastus Domains are working together with our customers to find the best option between the initial domain name price and we try to be as forthcoming as we can about the domain name potential. This is what gives us an upper hand to our competitors. We like our customers and we would like them to come back to us for more advice and of course more domain names.

Second ground rule would be to have the purchased domain name show some content. If you just leave it parked it is an empty shell, and it will slowly but steadily lose its potential and current worth if it had any. This is where slacking does not pay of. Even if you are not prepared to pay for a professional to have your site put up for whole world to see you can still use some free options which only require a bit of your free time. Sometimes the idea of doing it yourself is a better option especially if you are new in the domaining business.

Once you have content on your newly purchased site you are in for a SEO game. To succeed in this game you need to build a good reputation for search engines to see. Content is the most important factor for reputation build up, second thing you need to do is to make your site visible via submitting to various article directories, asking for reciprocal backlinks and using social networking. Using social networking nowadays is very important and you should open both twitter and facebook accounts for your domain name. Each time you post an article you should put a submission to them both. Good submission site as well is

Third ground rule after you have put up your content and used various submissions is steady refresh. This is something most webmasters often overlook putting simple content (aka minisite) up and forget about it. It is better to have at least one submission a week then to put dozen articles right away then wait months for a refresh. This is pretty straightforward to do if you are using any kind of a content management system (which I highly recommend). You can even have it automatically submit an article you have already provided.

To conclude, if you are not going to buy brand name or have product sale on your newly bought domain name you need to put a rich content site with steady update and build links using various article submission techniques to have your domain name investment return a profit in the long run.

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