Is investing in COM domain name the best investment

dot comThere has been lot of hype in the domaining industry circles about the topic of whether investing in factually the most wide used top level domain extension namely dot COM actually the best possible investment you can make in domain names. According to this source on the internet, dot COM actually can be wrongly advertised as the best possible investment in domain names. The facts from mentioned blog post are clear and concise however I would have to disagree to a degree.

Dot COM has the highest reach

This is a known fact, from the beginning of the internet the COM extension has been widely used from anything ranging private web sites to corporate portals solely because extensions were envisioned as a category. We have had EDU, ORG, GOV and COM at the time and country code top level extensions were scarce and seldom used. Shortly after first expansion we have got NET top level extension. It is no wonder that COM extension has the highest reach since decades have passed since its adoption. Dot COM is furthermore often mentioned in popular culture basically painting internet web site culture in a similar way the www prefix to website name has been – we all know that www is superfluous nowadays when clear network services are defined for http protocol, it was needed back then when http protocol carried many other type of traffic not just website traffic – both www and dot COM have stayed in the minds of average people.

Dot COM has high value

If you weight domain name spread across the extensions you can easily conclude that dot COM has the highest spread. It is statistically proven that arithmetic averages lean to the higher sample dispersion which in layman term means that since dot COM is in fact the most spread domain name extension its average value is painting the average value of all the internet domain name extensions. This leads us to the fact that dot COM has the highest average value to all the domain name extensions. However I have to agree with the article author that high value of a domain name does not mean it has a higher growth potential especially in the times when search engines are adjusting for local markets having their result sets localized to searches within country or geographic location reach meaning they will value results from country code top level domains more if their content is on the subject and search initiated near its geographic location.

Dot COM – the best investment?

To answer the question if dot COM is in fact the best investment in domain name we will use a valid comparison to the stock market. On the stock market you have variety of valuables you can invest into. From the investment point of view there can be categorized by security ranging from insecure short term and very volatile options on stock values to the most secure stock shares. Even stock shares themselves can be categorized from low security to high security of investment however lets for the sake of an argument take that stock shares are the most secure investment you can make on a stock market. Dot COM domain names are like stock shares in domaining industry, you can almost calculate a sure return of an investment with them, granted you would need to have a valuable name in the first place. Dot COM might not be as good of a growth potential for local markets or in the world wide area however they are more secure to invest into than other domain name extensions. Whether you want to be on a safer side or use calculated risk and more lucrative approach is up to you.