Internet Marketing

The Marketing

Marketing is an important aspect in every serious business. Without the good promotion businesses struggle to sell a product or service. The topic of marketing is an economic branch which is learned throughout few semesters of business school and I do not intend to write a lecture here. I am going to discuss internet marketing, a very young branch of marketing seeing that normal marketing exists since trade has existed, ten to fifteen years of internet marketing is at its inception.

As such there are many issues and problems involved in this particular marketing branch. The very problem that it is a novelty makes the advertising expense prices very volatile. There is also a problem of targeted audience in the online world, there are no real data to support virtual visitor geography, age or interest without the consent or audition of the real person behind the keyboard. And this analytics is proven to be hard to do – even willing participants in the online questionary pools are having a short attention span making the pools pretty unusable. This is the result of an internet era where we have abundance of information in unorganized and sometimes hard to reach way.

Internet Marketing

So what can entrepreneur do to swim above the waters and have their advertising investment return in a substantial way? Research, and lot of research as a starting point. Throughout the research one can find many cheap advertising providers with questionable and poor conversions. However most of the issues are already discussed in the internet forums by the people having lost their investment or having great problems monetizing it. This is what research will do, shed a light on a unsubstantiated claims from advertising providers about conversions and targeted audience, once done properly you will leave the research project with handful (if that) of possible marketing strategies. Even then you need to proceed with caution because standard settings on most of the portals are in favor of advertising publishers instead of you.

Online Marketing

The largest advertising network today is Google Adsense, for your internet marketing efforts counter product is Google Adwords. Google Adwords is the place you can use to place your advertising on publisher websites. I am not going to go into great detail about Google Adwords. Suffice it to say that this subject has numerous good resources on the internet where you can find a good information.

Second growing advertising network is Facebook adverts. In contrast to Google Adwords/Adsense Facebook advertising is more targeted and is sandboxed to Facebook users. Since Facebook is de-facto largest social network of our time, this is more of an advantage than disadvantage. Also from what I can gather from other people experiences Facebook advertising network is much more affordable for start up companies and has greater return in conversions. This might be due to being still very young, Google advertising network is on the market for dozen of years already, however my thinking is that the reason behind good return of an investment on Facebook is in its high popularity. While Google Adwords/Adsense is targeting all kind of advertising publishers where your advert can end up on some dodgy two page site with questionable content, on Facebook your advert will always land on the right place.

In conclusion internet marketing is an affordable way to promote your business, product or service. To have it play on the safe side you need to do your research before you do an investment. Largest advertising networks are Google and Facebook.