Hyphen Domain Names

Hyphen domain names are often overlooked by domain name investors. This is largely due to common notion that their value is much less than a value of corresponding non-hyphen domain name. However this is not the truth. The fact is that since Google has turned the table with their algorithm changes, hyphen domain names are in the same boat as any other keyword rich domain name withouth the hyphen. The key is in the development of said domain name and basically you will get the same value for it if you do your homework.

Let us get one thing straight – domain parking aka earning money on a keyword rich domain name is the thing of the past. Nowadays you cannot expect to learn profit of leaving domain name parked whatever the great keyword scheme or an excellent parking program you have chosen. Furthermore leaving domain name parked for any substantial amount of time (read weeks) will lead to downfall of its ranking not only in Google but in all consequent search engines. Type-in traffic is basically a glitch in the system and most browsers on the market today do not even bother to check for the same name plus .com extension, they go directly to Google by default.

This is where we have hyphen versus non-hypen domain name – if you happen to own the both versions and your site is having a quality content, you will soon realize that difference between the two is dismal. If you even choose to park the both versions which I do not recommend, you will see the same result – poor inflow of visitors and even poorer revenue on both sites no matter the hyphen.

However you can still ride on the popularity of non-hyphen name. This being a bit of a blackhat technique – I am not recommending the method to weak hearthed. Basically you need to research your non-hyphen competitor and see what do they sell, what service do they offer and most importantly which keyword and keyword phrases do they use for promotion. Once you finish the research you can put the similar content on your hyphen version with similar keyword and keyword phrases but different products and services. This will in end effect bring some visitors – one might say steal – from your competitor. Just watch that you are not sitting on a trademark domain name because this is more trouble than gain and you will surely get the bitter end of it.

To conclude – value of a hyphen domain name is basically the same as its non-hyphen version. If you are having a brand name it is a good idea to secure hyphen version of it, the same holds true if you are having successful non-hyphen site. However if you are in a dirty fight you can ride the waves behind non-hyphen version too but be prepared to invest time and effort to reach that goal. Free ride in domain name investment area has passed. Oh yes, and try to forget the domain name parking “get-rich-over-night” type of stories because they are thing of the past too.