Using Google Adwords efficiently

Your Ad HereGoogle Adwords is an advertising platform run by Google. As such it is highly popular and according to free available profit statistics it is the most profitable business Google has ventured into. Some argue to say that Google has in fact “sold its soul” to the dollar via Google Adwords. Google Adwords are providing popular Google Adsense textual, javascript and flash embedded adverts on content sites where they are displayed. Holders of the content sites are receiving money based on advert clicks most commonly know as pay per click. On the other side of the coin is Google Adwords where you can as a campaigner set your advertising campaign and fine tune it.

The cost of advertising with Google Adwords is not cheap but in contrast to some more popular real world advertising as with media advertising it is quite affordable. The returns of internet marketing are also much bigger than old conventional methods are. As a business startup one need the business presence to be known to the world and can take numerous steps to achieve this goal. Free methods are article submissions, backlinks exchange and quality content. Google Adwords is a pay option.

While it is quite easy to set up and in minutes you can have your ad campaign up and running there are numerous gotchas you are faced with when starting your first campaign. The most usual error beginners are making is not to set upper limit for pay per click per advert shown. This unset, Google Adwords automatically adjust this value to the high average meaning you could end up paying buck or two for a click when you could have payed few cents for the same result. Visitors coming from a buck link are not rich, they are the same coming from few cents click, just that you end up paying more for the same thing.

The most important thing in your campaign setup is to have your ad targeted, contextualy and visibility wise. What this means is that you need to research your competition and see what kind of contextual ads are they putting out. Once you do, you need to be different than they are but also target the same keywords to achieve the same publicity. This might sound too hard for starters but believe me it is not that hard once you get used to it. Since Google Adwords are optimizing your ads on sites where context and visitors are the ones you are specifying you can also fine tune which sites you do not want your ads to appear to.

This can be done once campaign is started. To recapitulate; put your average to no more than 20 cents per click, write a good looking and contextualy clear targeted ad (or hire a designer to make you a nice flash based one – this has much more impact) and finally monitor your campaign – at least for the first few days or a week. Never ever put anything on automatic in Google Adwords, not even money deduction from your funds, control everything. Once you see what kind of sites your ads appear on you should visit most of them and see if context and site appearance is what you want your customers to see. If not, simply block out those sites from your campaign.