How does Google Adsense work

Google Adsense is the most popular ad network there is. Everybody and their grandmother use Google Adsense on their site. Sites ranging from cooking recipes to political debates are all recognizable by common Google Adsense block of ads. If you have never heard of Google Adsense you are probably living in a mountain cabin with no electricity. Long gone are the times when you could just quit your daily job and live of Google Adsense profit alone. We are now in a different era and we need to adjust our business model accordingly.

Google AdsenseSo how does Google Adsense work, how does it recognize your site content and put relevant ads in the ad block for your visitors to see and potentially visit? The answer is twofold, if your site is popular (in Google eyes) then ads shown in your ad block are relevant and close enough to the subject of your site, for example if you have travelling site and your page rank (this is how Google determines that your site is popular enough) is high then ads shown will represent various travelling agencies, places to visit, airports etc. Second side of the medal is when your site is not popular enough (read low page rank) then Google Adsense is showing any type of ad it sees fit, from reading fortunes to cellphone ringtones – it really does not matter to them because you are irrelevant in their eyes and you get irrelevant ads for your trouble.

Here is where we come to a catch. If you have just started it is quite obvious that your page rank is going to be very low or zero. In this case, no inflow of visitors can help you monetize your site because if you are relying on Google Adsense alone you would earn as low as 2 cents per 1,000 visitors (I have heard about lower numbers, this is a low low average). New and unrecognizable sites should not rely on Google Adsense alone to monetize. In this particular case while you are building your site for the world to see, you should explore affiliate programs – the ones that are similar or identical to your business niche. Only thing you need to watch out is not to make yourself unnecessary competition. You can also opt-out from all the advertising when you build your popularity. This however means you will be conducting your business without any income for months but you will get to the popular rank more quickly (people love the site without advertisement).

You can still have Google Adsense blocks though, but since most of the ads shown will be largely irrelevant to your site visitors better to put them in some obscure corner for the time being. Building page rank for Google Adsense to serve you relevant and “money rich” ads would take a lot of time because building site page rank is not an easy task to perform and it does take a lot of time. Since you are going to have rich and useful content on your site you do not need to worry that Google Adsense will ban your account but also you cannot expect monetization of your efforts in short term using Google Adsense.