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GoDaddy is the largest domain name registrar in the world with the current statistics showing more than 45 million domain names registered to it. Its closest competitor is four times smaller by the number of domain names registered. Company has been founded in 1997 and at the time its founder Bob Parsons has had a business plan of making a software company under the name Jomax Technologies. GoDaddy name was brainstormed in 1999 by Jomax Technologies employees seeking more recognizable brand name for the company. GoDaddy has been acquired by KKR and Silver Lake Partners on July the 1st 2011 for a sum of US $2.25 billion.

NoDaddy gripe site

As with any successful business GoDaddy was not immune to disgruntled customers and former employees. NoDaddy has been founded by a disgruntled customer who has had his domain name blocked by the registry on the complaint from GoDaddy under the ICANN rules. NoDaddy started as a simple rant site where this customer has expressed his anger of GoDaddy practice and the inability to express his point of view or even defend himself in the mentioned domain blockage case. Soon thereafter handful of former GoDaddy employees and other angry customers started posting on the NoDaddy open forum about their experiences. This in end has achieved that NoDaddy site has ranked in search engines, Google in particular, in top results for a GoDaddy query making very bad PR for GoDaddy itself. Despite efforts in SEO field and hiring numerous experts in order to solve the issue with NoDaddy, the site was still alive and kicking and spreading its feedback. Some argue that negative feedback NoDaddy has had even helped PR of GoDaddy itself hence they had nothing to lose just let it be. The interesting fact is that NoDaddy site was actually registered with GoDaddy registrar but legally GoDaddy could not do anything to disable it – they haven’t stepped on any trademark and if they would have been shut down disruptively they could have a case in court with 1st amendment.

New GoDaddy owners

Soon after the acquisition of GoDaddy the new owners have had made a deal with NoDaddy owners and basically bought them of – the GoDaddy spokesman has not confirmed that this is the actual case but he did confirm that they have made an acquisition. I am not certain why Bob Parsons hasn’t come to the same idea or maybe he did but the price NoDaddy owners were asking was too high. In any case, for undisclosed sum, GoDaddy is now the legal owner of NoDaddy site and NoDaddy previous owner is nowhere to be found to comment on this according to The Register. The site itself does not resolve to a webpage anymore and most probably the contents of all the forum posts and negative feedback have been deleted. In my opinion they could have just redirected the site back to GoDaddy to catch all the traffic it has been receiving.

Is there any truth in NoDaddy feedback

We at Vastus Domains have been with GoDaddy for some time now and have had zero problems with the site, domain name registrations, transfers or customer support. This however does not mean there aren’t problems and that all customers are happy with GoDaddy. With a large enterprise like GoDaddy is there have to be issues, the question is are the issues dealt with swiftly and in a professional manner. NoDaddy feedback has claimed that this was not the case and that there are numerous problems with GoDaddy. Whether the feedback was trustworthy is questionable especially now when they have sold the site to the exact target of their complaints.

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